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January 22, 2008



It's worth noting that DJ Mbenga is a fan of tacos: http://youtube.com/watch?v=T1rZBxn3Zx8

Thank the taco gods that in Dallas we get coupons to the tolerable Taco Bueno and not the colon-blow inducing Jack in the Box.

No Blood No Foul

I think Fish was able to go off because of A.I.'s piss-poor perimeter D. As a Nuggets fan (and has a guy that's 5'10"), I absolutely love and admire A.I. I just wish the guy could play a little ball-denial when Fish is going off in the first quarter. Had that 22-7 run been tempered a little, who's to say the Lakers still pull it out?

In any case, you're absolutely right about Kobe. He's the best player in basketball and when he's a distributor that team is almost unbeatable. Good win for the Lakers.


We texted about this subject last night. Now, I'm as vocal as anybody about not liking Kobe, and not enjoying the way he plays the game. But he played the game exactly the way it should be played last night. The way I've always kind of hoped he would play it (even if it costs me my own personal Public Enemy Numero Uno).

P.S. Hey! Didn't that "Magic Bryant" reference come from my text?! ;)


"11 dishes to remind us just how good Kobe's potential can be...and 11 dishes to remind us about that unfulfilled potential"

-Potential? Well, it is his 12th year in the league, nice that he's finally showing what he can do...by having 11 assists...in ONE game.

-11 assists? Perhaps you haven't noticed but some people average over 11 assists a game.

-Posts like these are exactly what has made this blog totally worthless. You guys used to do really good, interesting, and funny analysis from all around the league, with a slight Laker bent. Now it's just blatant Laker homerism. "Kobe is the best finisher...Kobe, Kobe Kobe!!1!" It's either that or complaining about other teams (Warriors, Suns, Spurs) or shoving it in someone's face when the Lakers win. Not only is it lame, but it's also REALLY boring. Congratulations on your decline into complete mediocrity, and good luck seeing if the "best player in the game" can get out of the first round of the playoffs this year.


Thanks a bunch Ted. You'll definitely appreciate my Monta Ellis post today. And by the way, not to be "a complete Kobe homer," but can YOU find a better finisher?

But thanks for the inspiration!


"Thanks a bunch Ted. You'll definitely appreciate my Monta Ellis post today. And by the way, not to be "a complete Kobe homer," but can YOU find a better finisher?"

Yes I can- his name is Lebron James.


did a media member just say "...about that unfulfilled potential"

how is this guy planning on keeping his job you can't sale kobe for less than a god if you want to keep ur job in sports.

...i guess now that obama is in we have another nigger to worship tho huh...

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@zbarq37 you know what? its really psotnleis trying to reason with you. Yes I agree that the layup should not have been #9 but going up against someone, trained to block shots, playing more than 20 minutes, using that body control and elevation? is not a feat achieved by every single pro player.

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