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December 04, 2007



craig, i don't remember calling you crazy, but i have always believed that it is really neat that a "mentally challenged" person is able to run and maintain this blog. so, way to go, buddy!

before i get into the innumerable reasons why there was not a fix in game 3 of the wc semis, let me offer another explanation as to why the 2009 all-star game is being held in phoenix.


we all know (and cell phone commercials prove) that all nba players love them some golf. charles barkley plays golf all the time and he is horrible at it. that's why he lives there. michael jordan loves golf (as long as there's money on it). how else are they going to get any of these legends to judge the dunk contest, play the the 3 on 3 game or do something heart warming like race dick bavetta and then make out with him. the answer is golf!

have you ever flown over phoenix? it's nothing but golf courses and swimming pools. there are no houses! everyone lives in underground air-conditioned apartments connected by an elaborate series of tunnels.

it's also the only way arizona can get famous black celebrities to visit (being as arizona was the last state to recognize martin luther king day as a national holiday). they have a lot to atone for. reparations! i want my 3 acres and a mule on a golf course.

charles barkley wants to run for governor of alabama, not arizona, where he lives. sir charles doesn't like arizona, he just likes golf.

now, as far as your wc semis conspiracy theory goes, there was no serious money to be made by throwing that game (no advantageous point spread to beat, no big odds to break). phoenix wasn't even picked to win the game!

tim donaghy made no suspicious calls in the 4th quarter when he could've possibly affected the outcome. i would argue that he made no calls in the spurs favor.

also, there is plenty of video evidence that shows the suns making "dirty" plays throughout the entire game. the spurs got tagged with the brunt of the "dirty" accusations only because horry's foul on nash was so demonstrative.
youtube it, lazy asses!

i'm not saying the spurs are angels, but if you push them, they will push back and beat the pants off of you on top of it.


Typepad allows the mentally challenged to run a site with little effort... I just hit the keyboard and hope I make sense. Because of this there should be a TON of Spurs blogs.

Anyway, I never really thought about the golf aspect. Maybe Stern decided to go with a safe place (ie. very few places for NBA ballers, entourages and NFL guys to get into trouble.) and chose Phoenix. And come to think of it, it's virtually impossible to get arrested on the golf course.

Plus, there's the added bonus of Vegas being a 30 minute plane ride away.

But I'm still very suspicious that all those new arenas were passed up for next year. Sarver and the City of Phoenix must have rented the Sultan of Brunei's harem for Stern.


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there was no serious money to be made by throwing that game

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It seems as if everyone is rooting for the plucky Detroit Lions these days. Their fan club includes Matt Millen, the one-time enemy of the state."I think it's awesome. I think it's fantastic," Millen said by phone Tuesday.

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