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December 10, 2007



Way to pigeonhole buddy. You do realize not everyone is like that correct? This coming from a Lakers fan? You'd think you more than anyone would realize even if there are a lot of bandwagoners there are still true fans out there that have been so for a long time. But hey, nice generalization. Hey what celebrities were at the Staples center last night? OMG was Britney there again!?

No Blood No Foul

Your post, while humorous, smacks of jealousy. Does it bother you that other people like the Warriors, or that other people like them for the wrong reasons?

Either way, I think bandwagoners are annoying, but I think it's absolutely good for the NBA. Besides, what's not to love about Baron Davis? That guy is my new hero. If that makes me a bandwagoner, so be it.

Nor Cal Fiend

Typical LA fan...whiny, jealous, and clueless. I'll admit to some bandwagon people going to games, but Warrior fans have endured some ugly years, and in doing so, kept a faithful fan base all along. LA with bandwagon fans?? Please. Now that we have a better, and more exciting team than LA ever will with your beloved, nauseating Kobe, keep dreaming you'll make the playoffs...and let's see what happens Friday.


Classic, a Laker fan complaining about another teams bandwagon fans. Those Warrior 'fans' were probably Lakers fans until the championships stopped. Pot, meet kettle.


If you ever read my earlier posts you'd know that I hate the stereotypical Laker fans even more... and I'm a season ticket holder!!!

Good comments all around from the few real GSW fans.


I remember my Dad taking me to Warrior games when you could still smoke inside the Coliseum. Lived through every instance you brought up. Was at the game when they announced the trade Richmond for Owens and Billy was sitting in the stands and he stood up and we gave him a hand to welcome him. You forgot to mention Chris Washburn, Rony Siekly, Chris Webber, Manute Bol, and Lattrell Sprewell. I "Believed" then and still do and welcome all the new fans across the country. I remember thinking when I was a kid if there was another kid across the country that wasn't from the Bay Area that was a Warrior fan, proably not. Now I better there is.

You don't think there were a few Magic, Kareem, Worthy bandwangon fans back then? I know people that jumped on, and still are. They have become Laker faithful. They have helped pay for guys like Shaq and Kobe and a few NBA titles.

What the Dubs did last season was amazing and I couldn't be happier for the Warrior Organization and the Bay Area, for guys like Al Attles, Nate Thurmond, Rick Barry, Phil Smith, Larry Smith, Chris Mullins, Mitch Richmond, Franklin Muelli, Sarunas, Clifford Ray, Purvis Short, Rod Higgins and all those loyal Warrior fans who have supported them through thick and thin.

Also, Staples is the only arena in the Association that dims the light in the crowd. Why? Answer: The fans are not part of the game.

"Believe" That!


Whoa, hold on there champ. I knew that LA was covered by a thick and permanent layer of smug, but this is going a little far, don't you think?

Lakers fans are the second biggest bandwagoneers in pro sports, after Yankees fans. And there's not a close third. Yes, there has been a surge in Warriors enthusiasm (and when didn't this happen when a team had a dramatic change in fortune?) But for a Lakers fan to gloat over something like this is beyond the pale. Then again, Lakers fans have always gloated more than all others, haven't they? Though why they'd feel justified in doing so when Shaq got away with murder in the lane through every playoff series....

And I'm not even a Warriors fan. Never have been. I, too saw Baron's cheap shot on Fisher against the Jazz last year. But I'll call a spade a spade: the Lakers are the biggest bandwagon in the NBA. Have been since the Showtime days.


Quick question: Do you suppose the Lakers will stand up quite as tall next time they travel to Oakland? I guess we'll find out this Friday...


...oh, we'll also get to see whether the Lakers can duplicate their 38-22 FTA advantage...


If the Warriors keep jacking up three pointers and the Lakers keep going inside, the free throw advantage will still be there for L.A. (GSW had 33 3-point attempts, LAL 18)

But Steven Jackson and Al Harrington probably aren't going out hookering in Vegas this Thursday like they did the night before the last game, so I expect the Warriors to win on Friday.


I have been a lifelong Warriors fan, so I can say, yes, I remember most of our painful history with a smattering of bright spots. I'm thrilled to see them where they are now. I think people jump on the bandwagon precisely because their sick of the old guard (no pun intended) of the Kobes, Shaqs, Duncans, Pistons, Mavs, etc. Now, all we need is to open our arms up to Jamaal Tinsley, another misunderstood misfit, who would undoubtedly flourish and find new life in Oaktown. We could trade straight up for Austin Croshere. BTW - I'm not sure where the $72 comes from. Everyone I know got their We Believe T-shirt for free at the game.

John R.

Wait wait wait.

I bet I could go to any bar in LA with a Lakers game on, go up to each person rooting for the Lakers and ask them who they traded for Trevor Ariza and they would respond:

1)I don't know and
2)Who's Trevor Ariza.

Maybe 3% of self-identifying Lakers fans know what's going on with the Lakers THIS SEASON let alone have any meaningful grasp of history.

The guy I was sitting next to at the bar yesterday didn't even know how to tell Sasha from Vlade.


Come on John, every Laker fan knows it was Brian Cook that was traded for Ariza, because Cook SUCKED ASS and they were all ecstatic to see him go.

And to be fair, Sasha and Vlade swapped hairstyles this year, so that one's a little tricky for the more casual fans.


The know Ariza because he went to UCLA... but that's all they know about him.

BTW - Ariza's offense sucks!!!

John R.

Actually, the guy did know that Ariza went to UCLA. He brought it up when I laughed at TNT's graphic that read "Played for Westchester HS in High School."

I said, unfortunately out loud, "Westchester HS in High School? When else would he play for his high school". And sure enough random dude wants me to know that he also went to UCLA.

And then he called Vlade Sasha and on the next play Sasha Vlade. I was hoping he would say all those Eastern Europeans look alike.

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I was so disappointed that Michael did not connitue on to Hollywood. I have watched Ameica's Got Talent since its inception, and never, I mean NEVER, have I been so dazzled by a performance of ANY KIND. And then, when Michael chose the sleight-of-hand style for his second performance, I was stoked. That is what separates the REAL magicians from the wannabes. It was AWESOME; exactly what I wanted from him. He has the look and charisma of a REAL MAGICIAN, and his assistant Lindsay was just as awesome in that first illusion. By the way, I get chills, even when in another room, when I hear the music that accompanies either of his illusions from AGT . Great photo, by the way, of Michael with his top hat!

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