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December 15, 2007


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Wah! Craigy is upset! Wah! :(


I have been a Lakers fan for twenty years and it is absolutely sickening how those Warriors fans behaved. How DARE they show excitement for winning! How dare they show enthusiasm for beating a team they usually lose to! Why can't they be more like the good fans at the Staples Center- completely bored and spending three of four quarters talking to their agents on their cell phones?

The joke is on them- some day I'll be able to brag how I saw Kobe play- sure, it was for an outraegous price but the main thing is the Staples Center is SAFE! Not like scary Oakland! (Oakland is SOOO scary! I drove through once and saw non-white people!!) I get to see Kobe shoot 6-23 (best player ever! Completely dominant!), in a nice safe environment! Who cares if they lose? At least people aren't paying attention.

John R.

"This is nothing. This is like slap-boxing," Bryant said. "For a real rivalry, you have to match up in the playoffs. The regular season is nothing."

Whoa there Kobe. If your defintion of rivalry is in the playoffs, well the Clippers and others have noone to blame but the Lakers since they can't seem to get out of the first round.

Seems like an easy way to dodge making rivalries. Failure that is.


It's just so interesting about how you upset Laker fans have needed to reconfirm that your team has way more history than ours after Baron's clutch 3. You're team has more rings, is more popular around the world, and in the larger scheme of things is an overall better team throughout history. Sure, I'll give you that. But don't disrespect Bay area FANS and say we never knew about this team before it's success...the fact of the matter is we can argue all day long about which team is better...but there is NO questioning the Warriors have ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS have way better fans than anything the Lakers have. I've gone to Staples many times, and it's no wonder Kobe wouldn't give a second thought on leaving you guys. Good or bad, we love our team.

So get used to fans celebrating when their team overcomes adversity and puts on a good show. It's what they do. And we are damn proud of them.

And finally....a person from LA talking about how dangerous the Bay is? You boggle the mind.

...I Wonder how many of you would still go to the games if #24 decided to jump ship?

think again...

No team is exempt from having fairweather fans, lakers and WARRIORS included. To say that the warriors have always and will always have better fans is rather hilarious. Ive been to Staples way more than you (12 year season ticket holder) and Im well aware that the richies take away the seats from real fans that end up in the nose bleeds. But just because your team won ONE FREAKING playoff round last year dont try to act like youve guys have been there all along because you have not! I was at the lakers warriors game at staples aand it was the first time I EVER recall seeing warriors fans act...well like fans. Youre selling out Oracle because of the the bandwagoners going apeshit from last years playoffs. When else recently have u guys had those kinda of sellouts??So get off youre "we re the greatest fans ever" high horse and realize that youre nothing special...

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how many times do the Spurs have to win the championship to get respect? How many of their players have to win international championships? I know you guys are Mav's fans but come on! Give respect where its


We will see but I love basketball and I'll polabbry buy both. I love cutscenes and 2K has that part on lock in basketball games currently. I mean you're talking to a guy who bought NBA 09 The Inside just for the cutscenes.


That's good news for B-Ball fans (who like to watch grown men dribble ha! ha!). I'm glad they've rceehad a tentative agreement (not like the NHL back in 2004-05, remember that? The whole season was cancelled).Maybe this experience will motivate Raptors to play better this (hopefully) season. Go Raptors ! Go!RainbowRay Sharing is caring and caring is sharing; living is giving and giving is living

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