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November 14, 2007



Not a big fan of PJax, but I love that he's slapping the PC culture, led by the bleeding hearts at ESPN esepcially.

One question ... does he know what an alliteration is, or am I just stupid for not getting that part of the joke too?


No, Bassett, you didn't miss anything. Jackson misued "alliteration" in an attempt to sound intelligent and well-read. Instead, he comes off like a pompous douchebag, particularly since he specifically stressed "using alliteration last night."

Maybe he meant "wordplay" or "double-entendre." Or maybe he's just pretentious twit. I'm going to go with the latter.

Also, note that the Lakers benefitted from McGrady's first "uh oh" injury of the season. The Lakers might have underutilized their closer, but the Rockets didn't even have theirs.


Ahh but they did have unlimited access to the free throw line. (NBA rule 203.4a states that, "anyone breathing on Yao Ming will be whistled for a foul." It's on page 37, trust me.)

So there's no need for a closer when you have 39 wide open 15-foot set shots.


I think he meant to say allusion, and if not, it was just part of his joke while keeping a stern face. lol

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