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October 03, 2007



the lakers' p.r. man should make sure the writers of Entourage is aware !


Don't forget:

*Losing in the NBA Finals SIX TIMES during the 60s.

*Losing the '69 Finals to an ancient Celtics team despite having the three best players on the planet.

*Losing the '70 Finals despite the fact that the Knicks' best player was essentially crippled.

*1974-75's 30-win season when the team featured a motley crew of Gail Goodrich, Lucius Allen, Elmore Smith, Brian Winters, Happy Hairston, and Cazzie Russell.

*Getting busted up by Bill Walton and the Portland Trailblazers in the '77 WCFs (Walton totally dominated Kareem).

*Getting swept in the '83 Finals.

*The Kurt Rambis clothesline.

*Choking up the '84 Finals.

*Getting upended in the '86 WCFs, robbing the Celtics of a chance to pummel them in the Finals.

*Getting swept in the '89 Finals after Magic and Byron Scott got hurt.

*Magic's aborted comeback, highlighted by Karl Malone saying he wouldn't want to play on the same court as the HIV-infected Johnson.

*Letting Phoenix off the hook in the first round of the '93 playoffs, after building a 2-0 lead in the best of five series.

*The Magic Johnson-as-head-coach Era.

*Magic's second comeback, during which he weighed 500 pounds, fueded with teammates, and got ejected for bumping a ref before bowing out to a flawed Houston team in the first round of the playoffs.

*Getting pummeled by the Jazz (4-1) in the '97 WCS's, highlighted by Kobe's hot-dogging airballs.

*Winning 61 games but still getting swept by the Jazz in the '98 WCFs.

*Misdiagnosing Karl Malone's ligament tear in 2003.

*Getting absolutely embarrassed by the Pistons in the 2004 NBA Finals after assembling a team that should have won 70 games.

*Letting Kobe play GM starting in the 2004-05 season.

There's more, but even I feel a little sorry for the Lakers at this point.


How did I forget the Magic Johnson comeback in 1996? Hell, I went to a few of those games. Obviously I'm still in preaseason mode.

I'm glad Basketbawful is there to add to the Lakers woes. Good stuff.


Walton did not dominate Kareem in '77 -- it was the other way around. Kareem outscored him by a decisive 30-19 average shooting 61 percent from the field compared to Walton's 52 percent effort, he outrebounded him by around a 16-14 average and outdid him in blocks by a near 4-2 margin. Portland won in a sweep because w/out Lucius Allen the Lakers couldn't come close to competing with the Trailblazers in the backcourt and w/out Kermit Washington they had no one to nuetralize Lucas. The Walton dominated Kareem story is complete revisionist BS -- Kareem just owned him

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