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October 09, 2007



is that Delonte West heavily tattooed?? lol to his tatt looking like Squatch.. and what happened to his mouth? looks like he just got off the hook of some game fishers.. lol


that's steffi graf masquerading as swift !


Haha... that second one is hillarious, where do get this stuff?

Ms. Shawn McCrohan

Thanks for being a "Troll Killer" Craig! If it weren't for your selfless act, I would not have a husband today. You rock!


Dear Mr. Stern,

I am writing to you 1) as a NBA fan and 2) a Sonic fan.

I think it is important to note that item 1 comes before item 2. Sadly, the events of the past 15 months have led me to believe that you care about neither. Your inactivity in assisting those who wish to keep the SuperSonics in Seattle further leads me to believe that you and Clay Bennett are walking in lockstep as he drags this franchise out of the Pacific Northwest and down to Oklahoma.

Mr. Stern, I cannot believe that you would willingly allow Mr. Bennett to follow through on his words. A group of local investors came forward on November 1, 2007, stating firmly that they had the resources in place to purchase the Sonics from Mr. Bennett. And yet, Mr. Bennett refuses to deal with them, and insists on hijacking the franchise.

How can you, as commissioner of this league, permit this to happen? Set aside the squabbles over arenas for a moment, and ponder this: If you were bothered by the negative publicity your league received after this debacle of a summer (the Donaghy scandal, Kobe Bryant, the neverending run-ins with the law), will you not be bothered by the firestorm of venom which will flow into your offices if you permit a team which has resided in a city for more than 40 years to leave town, when a group of local citizens is willing and able to prevent that from happening?

As a citizen of Seattle,WA. I remember vividly how you repeatedly parroted your party line of, “I have never let a franchise move on my watch as commissioner” to the people of this city. Then, we watched as Michael Heisley took the Grizzlies to Memphis, and then later saw the Hornets move to New Orleans. Does that sentiment of loyalty to the cities which made your league rich still hold true? Or was it even true to begin with?

As commissioner of the league, you have the power to force Clay Bennett to choose between two options: either sell his interest in the Sonics to this new group, or force him to stay in Seattle.

Any other decision you make will further sully the horrible image your league already possesses, and will force me, and countless other Seattlites, to give up rooting for the Sonics and the NBA.

A concerned fan,

Stu Holdren

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