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August 15, 2007



I had a situation where a ticky tack foul was called at the end of the game... It was 10-8, them. We have the ball, and I go up and make a shot. The player guarding me calls a "carry."

To me, whether or not it was a carry aside (though really, that's probably the toughest call in the game to make - and besides it WASN'T a carry); you should not be making little cheapy BS calls at the ends of games.

They want on to win - but with what honor? We could have made a run, but we'll never know because of a cheap call.

I hear what you're saying - "fine" let them have what they call, whatever. But I think it's important to state that you should almost NEVER call a foul.

If you get hurt, or your shot was prevented (grabbing your arms or whatever) then fine. And only the person fouled should call it. Travelling, carrying... I try to play an honest game. If you're calling that garbage, you're not respecting me, and I'm done playing with you.

Calling travelling, carrying, palming, it all equates to presuming to understand the game better than someone else; you can't know that you do - and so you should keep those pompous opinions to yourself.

As a side note - if YOU travel, carry, or palm, you should call it on yourself and give the ball over. That's what honor is.

Great blog, btw.


Amen, brother. I was playing pickup ball the recently in the same kind of situation. A lot of local high school players, some Division II kids home from school. I grabbed on offensive board and went back up with it, and this kid whacked me on the arm. I called it and he was like, "What?! What f***in' foul? Where? Where'd I get you?"

See, that's the bad part about reallhy competitive pickup ball. Guys will hack you, and then try to shame you out of the call. If you cave, they know they've got you. If you don't cave, they try to embarrass you by stomping around and mumbling about the "bull***" and make you out to be a cheap foul caller. Then, if you make a call against someone else on the other team, he'll look at your guy and say something like, "Yep, I see what you're talking about." And suddenly you aren't allowed to make calls anymore.

Bottom line: Respect the damn calls. Some will go your way, some will not. Don't make a scene unless it's something really egregious. Just move on. Have fun. Play the game. Just like you said.

No Blood No Foul

Why is it so serious anyways? It's not like people are playing for money or a contract or something -- it's just hangin' out and running.

Who cares about the calls. Give the man that called foul the benefit of the doubt and move on.

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