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July 08, 2007



Strangely enough, Kapono flourished with Shaq out of the lineup. His best month was January -- 14.5 PPG, 55% shooting, 58% from three -- and Shaq played only two games that month. He also had a strong December -- 12 PPG, 48% from two, 50% from three -- and Shaq played zero games. In fact, his production steadily decreased AFTER Shaq returned...Kapono averaged 8 PPG on 44% shooting over the last two months of the season.

Who knows, maybe he played better with Wade, or maybe it was his ankle sprain.


Interesting... That says a lot about Wade's playmaking skills. I believe this was also the time when Wade was dropping double figures in assists (and the Miami media/Nike was trying to get Wade some MVP pub despite the sub .500 record for the Heat at the time).

All that said, this will be a good deal for Toronto as long as someone's creating open shots for Kapono. The guy's too slow to get open by himself.


Kapono actually reminds me a lot of Kevin Gamble, who played with the Celtics during Bird's final years. With Bird, McHale, and Parish drawing double-teams, Gamble got a *lot* of open shots. In 1990-91, he shot 59 percent from the field, mostly on mid-range jumpers. As Bird and McHale retired, through, his production steadily decreased and he was out of the league within a few years. Some players just work really well within a certain system, and then they starve outside of it. I think Kapono will be one of those guys.

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