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July 13, 2007



That last picture looks like they play at Hollywood Park. Do they race horses there during the off-season?

Seriously though, good report and nice pics. Unfortunately, the press conference is probably more exciting than 90% of the actual games.

God I hate the off season.


Soccer is great, but you need to develop an eye for it. When you do, it's got the ball handling of Basketball and the field coverage of football...the pace is different than what most American fans are used to tho...unlike basketball, where there is a bucket a minute, scoring is cheap. When you get that goal in the run of play, nothing is more satsifying. That said the press conference was a capitalist orgy and got tiresome quickly. Those riot squads gave it some true fan character, and it was hilarious to see the mayor boo'd. 'Wanker'. (For who he supports, not his useless politics.)


Thanks Buck, it all made sense as soon as I saw the pics of Tony Villa wearing the Chivas jersey.

BTW - I truely believe that all those years of youth soccer really helped my footwork in playing hoops. I agree with your take that "it's got the ball handling of Basketball."

Israel Rico

If this doesn't revive Soccer here in the states...then something must be wrong....
hey...wasn't Freddy Adu the 2nd Comming of Pele?????...I guess not if the US team would stop tanking games vs Germany...and all the other Eruo teams...maybe then maybe....well i don't know....


How do you dare to put the words "hate" and "soccer" in a same sentence ?? are you aliens ?? from what planet ??

I've always wondered howcome americans doesn't like soccer while it's the most watched sport in the world .

It must be because you think you're very special ?huh ?


The Author, you - genius...
Forgive that beside You was little ed!

Doni Thompson

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