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July 02, 2007



I think the Allen trade was a desperation move. Ainge shifted gears from team-building (i.e., the stockpiling of very talented young players) to "win now." Unfortunately, Allen doesn't address many of the team's needs.

To wit, the Celtics are a small team (and one of the worst rebounding teams in the league). Most draft previews focused on their need for size up front, particularly at center. Instead, they only got smaller. Now Pierce will be playing small forward almost exclusively (he was splitting time at the SG and SF spots). At 6'6", Pierce is smaller than most of the league's premier SFs. So this creates even more size mismatches, as well as defensive problems (and don't expect Allen to help out; he's an atrocious defender).

The team also needs an accomplished floor leader. West wasn't Steve Nash, but he was the best they had. Now the duties go to an unproven second-year guy...not exactly a formula for success. But who knows, maybe they'll pick up Steve Blake or Smush Parker.

The Celtics were the second worst shooting team in the league last season. So they went out and picked up an aging shooter coming off dual-ankle surgery. Allen is a career 44 percent shooter who hit at a 43 percent rate last year. Giving him 20 shots a game while he shoots in the low 40s isn't going to improve the C's accuracy. And yeah, he's great from 3, but the Celtics were already ranked 6th in the league in 3-point shooting last season, so it's not like they were looking for more outside shooting.

This is just going to be a slightly better version of the Michael Jordan/Jerry Stackhouse pairing from the 2002-03 Wizards.

Like I said, this reeks of a desperation move, and those moves don't usually pan out very well. The Celtics won't be any better than the Bulls, Cavs, Heat, Pistons, and they probably won't even be as good as the Raptors and Wizards. If everything goes right for them, they're still no better than 7th or 8th in the East. Which is an improvement, but still.


The Celtics are going to be horrible on defense and Ray Allen has a very oddly shaped head.


Its im possible to make an argument about the acquisition of Ray Allen with statistics. He is a natural born leader, and an outstanding mentor to a team stacked with young talented players who never had a leader with the composure of Ray Allen. Aside from that, his threat as a shooter opens up opportunities for the rest of the team. Ray Allen at the arch means one more lane for Pierce to attack. Have you seen the way he can attack the basket? The only difference now is that there's someone to kick it out to when he cant score. Ankle Injuries? A pure shooter like Ray Allen with ankle injuries, is like Mike Tyson with a hangnail. It doesn't alter the threat that he brings. The teams character is perfect. Three young, wild, and energetic players, with two leaders to help them keep their cool when they face an oh-so familiar losing situation. The Celtics have been bad in the past but it wasn't because of their lack of ability to score on teams. It was their lack of ability to come back from defecits and keep a lead because there was only one major scorer. We have yet to have two major threats and Antoine Walker does not apply. His shot selection was horrible and it killed many opportunities in key situations. So how can we recap the events that got us all drooling for game 1 last Thursday? Delante will be missed. Wally was over-paid. Big Baby might surprise some people. Word is that he's slimming down, but keeping his dominant strength that made him a force to be reckoned with in the paint. Pierce is still the man. Rondo has the torch. Jefferson is looking at his best year yet. And number 20 never looked so good. So I'll leave you with this. The Celtics have a shot. No longer will Celts fans be saying "give em a couple years, their building". The excuses have left, the holes have been filled, and times are a changin' for the C's. ATTTTTT GUARD, 7 TIME ALL-STAR, WEARING NUMBER 20, RAY ALENNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!


"But who knows, maybe they'll pick up Steve Blake or Smush Parker."

Ainge may be a below-average GM, but he's not as stupid as Mitch Kupchak. (UGGGH... I will now jam my pen into my right eye.)

Also, Allen's FG percentage did drop, but he was clearly the number one option the focus of the opposition's defense. With Pierce and Jefferson as #1 and #2 options, Allen will get more looks than he did with Seattle. He'll nail those wide open jumpers.

Those ankle surgeries were more in the Shaqury department. The Sonics were in full blown tank mode and asked that he go under the knife to cover it up (which worked as Stern didn't screw over the OKC Sonics like he did to the other blatantly tanking teams). Just like Garnett's injuries the past two seasons, the C's have nothing to worry about.

Finally, you're not giving the development of Al Jefferson much credit. Besides Shaq (who'll miss 1/2 of the season), Bosh (you're not a big fan of him), O'Neal (looking to get traded) and Howard there's not too many quality bigs in the East. There's no way in hell that the Cavs are better. I see the C's on even par with the Raps, as both teams can't play defense.

Now if only Rivers can get fired...


Another imporant number:

Allen's teams have had:

One 20-win season

Five 30-win seasons

Three 40-win seasons

Two 50-win seasons

And he's was playing with other all-star caliber players many of those years. He's a very good player. But a leader? A winner? I don't know. Not historically, certainly.


As much as it pains me to say this, Glen Robinson wasn't really an All-Star. The only other "stars" that he played with were Sam Cassell and Rashard Lewis (who literally disappeared in the 2005 playoffs). Plus, outside of the 2005 Sonics, he's never played for a good coach (George Karl ruined the 2002 Bucks, who fell from 1st to 9th after the All Star break.)

To me, he's a hired gun looking to fill the #3 scoring option for the next three years. I'd still do the trade TODAY if I had to, but then again I'm stuck with Brian Cook and Sasha Vujacic for 41 home games a year so what do I know.


the sonics of the 90's was one of my favorites and it kills me to see them take a toilet dive every year. i'm ready to like the sonics again. they got rid of allen and lewis who, for all their talent, took that team nowhere. now it's the durant era and the future looks bright.
allen will be be a good fit for the celtics. they will probably make the playoffs. the nets proved you can make it in the east with two scorers and no post presence. however, the celts don't have jason kidd. i don't know if rondo is ready. they might have to change their tune about telfair. jefferson is good, but he is undersized and can't compete against the western bigs. pierce finally has some help, which is why they made this deal. pay attention lakers.


While you may say and feel that Glenn wasn't all All-Star, the fact is, he's a two-time All-Star (2000 and 2001). In fact, if you check out Glenn's similarity scores on basketball-reference.com, he's shown to be similar to such players as Bernard King, George Gerven, Clyde Drexler, Xavier McDaniel, and Eddie Johnson...all of whom were All-Stars. And during his peak years, his PER rating was pretty much on par with Allen's during his All-Star seasons.

While I'm the first to admit that, as a former Boilermaker, Glenn's pro career disappointed me, and I don't believe he made the most of his abilities, he was still quite good.

israel rico

The only bad deal for both Teams is that alot of presure will go to durant and Allen to make big changes....

Durant could have had some seasoned vets...

Boston just really needs to revamp everything including the front office

Anna Cagliari

I think this trade worked out very well. Two trips to the finals and a championship later...with maybe one or two more on the way. ...yes I would say Ainge made a good deal here. Good thing we kept Doc as the coach too and didn't revamp the front office!

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