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June 11, 2007



Yeah, this years finals has been a train wreck. I have watched every round and game of the playoffs until now, but I cant find myself enjoying these games. The Spurs and the Pistons probably would have been more competitive, but even that probably would have sucked; this just really sucks. We already know the Spurs are going to win, so why even waste the time to find out how they do it?


Hey, Thanks Brett for linking me in the game 2 live blog...interesting read...I've returned the favor with the links...not that you need it...


game 3*

Israel Rico

Fuck ya haters.......

It's not watchable because YOUR FUCKING TEAM ISN'T THERE.......


p.s. Fuck the Sorpanos that fucking ending sucked donkey dicks ...now I wish they killed that fat son of a bitch!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out!!!!!!!


Israel Rico, they have made many wonderful advances in the treatment of Tourette's.


"Don't blame the Spurs because the Eastern Conference is weak. Just blame them for everything else." - pimp dice

like what? did you have a
point or are you just "hatin"? who wants to bet pimp dice is neither a pimp nor can shoot craps?

the spurs should be held by the league as an example of great team basketball. it was stupid to put all the hype on lebron for the finals. he is just 22 and this is his first time in this high pressure situation. he is not ready. jordan wasn't ready either.

the advertising plan has failed. the ratings are low because there is no one smart enough to promote the spurs as an elite team, a dynasty, like they did with the lakers in 00, 01, & 02.
they put all the pressure on a 22 year old kid and he didn't deliver. not a wise decision.

i know someone will come back and say how boring and unpromotable the spurs are, but that is ridiculous. first of all, other teams don't seem boring because all you see on espn are dunk highlights. the nets are a low-scoring, boring defensive team, but they have vince carter and he dunks, a lot. the lakers are horrible, but kobe still gets in the top ten on espn all the time.
they could certainly package a spurs montage of tony parker break-neck drives to the basket and beween defenders legs passes. manu ginobili's herky-jerky circus shots and behind the back fast breaks. tim duncan's awkward rim-hanging dunks and fly swatter blocks. and finally, a montage of barry, bowen, finley, ginobili & horry sinking a barrage of three pointers. since, abc likes classical music, set the whole thing to wagner's "ride of the valkeries"

see, it's not that hard. i just did your job for you abc/espn/nba. now, you know who to come to next year. why is everyone so f'n stupid?!

oh, and i could care less about the sopranos. it's a terrible tv show. go rent the godfather I & II, goodfellas or scarface and stop whinig about how disappointing a crappy tv show was.

Israel Rico

hey Daniel i the words of Tony Soprano.....no i take that back....in the words of Tommy from Goodfellas
...."Your'e still here...I'd though I told you to go fuk ya mother!!!!!!"

Ping pow po!!!!!!!


Israel Rico, I have no idea what you're trying to say. You do a good online impression of somebody suffering from a speech impediment.

israel rico

Speech impediment....I guess your Mama is Bill Walton......

Maybe if you got your ass out of this blog...ah never mind.......


The Spurs are boring for the following reasons:

1. Veteran players with high basketball IQs executing flawless and strategic plays for 48 minutes.
2. Manu Ginobili's behind- the-back-reverse layups, passes and dribbles between defenders' legs (such as Kobe Bryant), clutch three pointers, and dunks over 1-5 opponents.
3. Tony Parkers layup clinics.
4. A brilliant coach who emphasizes family and teamwork over star power and ratings.
5. The smartest player (basketball and otherwise) in the league, Tim Duncan.
6. The team with best collective sense of humor (see press conferences/ HEB commercials).
7. Lack of thugs and egotistical superstars.
8. Class personified.
9. and lastly, every organization in the league (and professional sports) attempts to mirror the Spurs, from the front office to the players.
Other than those reasons, the Spurs are actually a pretty good team.


J'aime le basket, mais il ne sera pas jouer au basket exercera la force physique d'une personne et de l'endurance, et la condition physique. J'aime aussi les Lakers, comme l'unité de toute l'équipe,,,,, ravitaillement en carburant


I dunno why these phanboys gotta mnotien that it should have 15 championships on it, umm, the Phakers only one 14 titles. Arrogance like that is typical of today's Laker phans. And that kind of arrogance doomed the team this year. None of that 8 on 5 talk.Anyways, this DVD is a must have. I am a big fan of the 80 s Lakers. That alone makes this a Worthy purchase. BOKE was not included in it because of the legal thing.

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