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June 01, 2007



Has there ever been a Conference Finals featuring two coaches worse than Flip and Brownie? You're kidding me with trying to guard LeBron one on one with Chauncey or Tayshaun, right? Jesus.


it seemed like the pistons just gave up the lane in the last ot. it was any teams game to win and the pistons couldn't get it done. jason maxiell? wtf was that? if you're gonna just give up, at least let nazr mohammed give it a go. he plays defense, i know, i've seen him do it. flip saunders has no defensive strategy. the pistons are operating on what tiny little bit of defensive knowledge they can retain form larry brown. they need a reminder. how embarrassing would it be for flip to call larry for advice?
mike brown isn't that bad of a coach. he's just inexperienced. it's a good thing he's got hank egan on the bench. it's looking like a spurs reunion for the finals. i wonder if brownie thinks he can pull a nellie on the spurs?


Good point on Nazr. What the hell happened to that guy? Last summer he was Ben Wallace's replacement and now he's dropped behind Dale Davis' rotting corpse on the depth chart.

At least Nazr would know how to rotate over to help when LeBron's driving the lane.

"flip saunders has no defensive strategy."

Yes he does! It's called, "let LeBron drive the lane at will and by Game 9, he'll be tired."

the fluidics

People kept talking about how Lebron dominated that night. I was there, and while he did rack up against the stones, that had more to do with a lack of effort from Detroit, than domination by James.
Wade in the conference finals the year before dominated, this time, the Pistons just rolled over.

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