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June 25, 2007


John R.

No need to lash out. That's bush league. Look within. Examine why you ever supported a bad person like Kobe in the first place. You may have a lot to learn about yourself and some growing up to do. And that's ok. But there is no reason to spit venom around just because one house is in shambles.

Why are you focusing on TT, when clearly Vlade has been SO much worse? Is it that you didn't predict that? Has Denver really gotten that much better even though they had to give up less than the Clippers would have? (I blame the Tar Hell Mafia). Are the season ticket prices so unreasonable? I would bet there may be some people wishing they never got out after this season. I mean, my two lower bowl tickets cost LESS that one Laker season ticket in the same spot, and yet its seriously doubtful the Lakers will win more than twice as many games.


But with A.I. the Clippers would have OWNED LA for the next 3 years. Brand, the consumate professional who's a willing number 2 would have been the best fit for A.I. It's just very frustrating seeing the Clippers blow such an easy call. It's like watching your little brother become an alcoholic.

Don't get me wrong, if Kobe's traded away like Shaq (for 50 cents on the dollar), I just may join Clipper Nation and get a Big Game Pack.

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