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June 06, 2007


The King

exuse my writing but im on my cell.......

1st off....you sounds like a (bitter Laker fan)/(Kobe dick rider) ....straight up....o yea and i know a couple of people from Camarillo.......................they are all fags.....

2nd.....you need to understand that Lebron WILL surpass Kobe in the hunt for the Jordan Crown because Lebron simple is as talented as Kobe ...plus he knows how to play all around bball.....isn't that swell??.....kobe should learn from him......... SHAQ is gone...Bynum is there.....joy......basically......Kobe will never do anything with his career unless he gets traded to a better team.....basically THE LAKERS ARE DONE !!!!!!!!!!!
.....I live in LA by the way...so

3rd......you need to stop hating on LBJ...this guy is about to make history..... so pull you panties down and get ready to take it in the u know what by a 22 year old basketball player.....i have read your posts and honestly...u sound bitter about your whole life ......but hey....dont stop writing...i enjoy it....its good reading when i take a crap


"Detroit needed to do something similar, especially with LeBron's court vision and un-Kobe-like trust in his teammates." - well, all i can say is Detroit was definitely having this as their dilemma. they dont know anymore if they have to double on Bron or not because Bron can hit his team mates anytime with this court vision that he has. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with trusting his teammates because first, Bron could not have done everything all by himself, and second, his teammates are with him in the NBA and not just any little league so they have what it takes to play in the NBA. That's pretty much it.


You danced around it, but never quite said it outright: the big thing to keep in mind is the East is flat out terrible. If the Cavs were in the West they probably would not have made the playoffs.

James is a good player, but the gap between what he has actually achieved, and what he is being credited with is huge.

That game was awesome, but Jordan did that in his sleep, and Magic put up 42 points in the FINALS playing center when he was TWO YEARS YOUNGER than James.

We Americans have the memory of goldfish.


You all suck. y u hate the pistons they had a tough series and the cavs just played well thats all. Its not that the pistons suck. YOu all must have rods up your but

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Bing knows something about sporting success, having been a Hall of Fame guard for the Detroit Pistons from 1966-75. And he is enjoying seeing the restaurants, bars and hotels bustling during the city's hot streak.

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