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May 04, 2007





It was such a bizarre game b/c the Warriors were making all sorts of mistakes, their players were hobbling along, they had as many baskets that weren't even close - but they hung in there and kept going. Unlike the Mavs...

Anyway as a Spurs fan I'm glad the Mavs are done!


why do all the experts saying that the mavericks should have played their starters for the last mavs/warriors game of the season? Do you honestly believe that they would've won that game? I still liked the warriors chances. they were fighting for a playoff spot and dallas already clinched homecourt throughout the playoffs.


i think the warriors deserve this break. they have emerged as a better team now than before. they execute plays well, especially with baron davis leading the guys. they also shoot better now, in FG and FT, but minus the still-erratic FT shooting of Biedrins. but all-in-all, they were set to trample the Mavs, and what a way to start what could be another Cinderella story in the league.


while it's true that the warriors provided a match up problem for the mavs, that does not excuse the mavericks complete and total mental and physical breakdown. the mavs looked confused and tired throughout the series and really had one good game. i still say the warriors gave away game two with a mini mental breakdown of their own.
nowitski is a good player, but he is not a superstar, or a leader and does not deserve the mvp. mark cuban is a vile human being and i have to believe that the mavs collapse is directly due to some karmic retribution that cuban has accrued.
the mavs need a leader. avery, god bless him, got out-coached. dirk is gutless. cuban needs to go buy the cubs and never be heard from again.
the jazz will beat the warriors and they probably would've beaten the mavs, too. the jazz are a good defensive team, disciplined and athletic.


Well I doubt the Jazz could come close to beating the Mavericks. The Mavericks just got screwed with a worse possible scenerio in the first round. I think they could have beaten the Spurs again and steamrolled over the Jazz.

As for the MVP, I just hope they dont give it to Nash again. He's gotten it twice already and he hasn't even made it to the Finals. At least Dirk made it to the finals last year, and was the best player on the best team in the league.

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