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May 14, 2007



I should say the warriors are getting tired after a long run in the season, especially after pulling a spectacular show at the expense of the Dirk-operated losers, the Mavericks. They deserve a good vacation at the bahamas if by chance their stint with the Utah J-ASS comes to a graceful close in their favor. I would love to have them get more stars in the off-season so they would come back next season all armed to kick ass. Yeeeaaahh! Horrrrribble...Terrrribbble!


Yo fuck that shit man......i hope the dubs pull some magical shit out tomorrow night and pull off this series....i think that right now....they are hands down the most fun team to watch in the NBA ....they have mad (ALOT) attitude...and i honestly think that it was a big factor in how they beat the mavs....through intimidation....the dubs just have harder niggas on their squad...straight up ...and they punked the mavs....but that shit aint workn on the jazz.....fuckn Sloan and his tradional bball....not fun....I would love to see the Dubs play the SUNS next series.....but dont know if that will happen....I think they could make it to the finals but fall short to the PISTONS....FUCK IT....I CAN DREAM


You are racist individuals who clearly do not enjoy quality basketball. I hope perhaps in the future you can show a little bit of journalistic integrity.


mehmet okur said "i overreacted".... it was a hard, playoff foul.. i believe there was a whistle before the play and okur shouldn't have went up anyway.. not that im justifyin jrich's actions, but its not like when bruce bowen dropped kicked sczerbiak in the face.. baron apologized for his elbow which i admit was unnecessary.. but Derek Fisher should win an award for that acting job.. dfish is in awesome shape and is actually more built than baron davis.. that elbow to the face could not have even left tyronn lue on the floor for that long..
If the WCF's involve the spurs vs the jazz i guarantee the ratings are goin south.. the dubs are the reason people are even keepin up with the playoffs.. HATE ALL YOU WANT BUT IF THE JAZZ MAKE IT TO THE CONFERENCE FINALS AGAINST THE SPURS, AINT NOBODY WATCHIN THAT BORIN SHIT.. the warriors have been losin the past 12+ years so dont come with that they act like punks bullshit.. its easy to talk a big game on the computer but i guarantee you couldn't say none of that shit in oakland


It’s quite sad that you call yourselves “intelligent basketball fans.” You clearly have not watched any Warriors basketball for even the past few months, nor do you have any knowledge of the players. Baron is dirty you say? Sure, the elbow might have been unnecessary, but Fisher deserves an Emmy for that performance. JRich is dirty you say? Would you let a guy dunk on your court in front of your fans when his team is already up by 10+? I bet any Jazz player would have done the same thing if the Warriors did that in their court. Jackson is dirty you say? If he’s such a “thug,” as you guys portray him as, then why is the rest of the team, even Nellie, looking at him as a leader? Don’t give me any of the brawl/club incident crap. He was backing up and defending his teammates. What you both fail to realize is that this team of “thugs,” “punks,” and NBA “throwaways” have proven the entire nation wrong and that they’ve become the heroes of the Bay Area.

You two are racist human beings. It’s sad that you have to stoop to this level of degradation just to have something to write about.

Victor Wonziack

Hi, long time reader first time poster... i usually enjoy reading the blog entires here, but this is probably the most out of touch, prejudice piece of writing I have ever read on this site. I am very disappointed and feel that you both (Brett and Craig) need to get out and meet more people and have more experiences especially with minorities. Maybe then you will gain a better perspectives of people in general and hopefully your post will also reflect that. As of right now, i will no longer be reading this blog.


I had the over/under at 4 for the number of times people would call us racist for pointing out that BD's foul on D-Fish was extreme.

When all else fails, when you have no point to stand on, when you can't argue your case...

play the race card.

FYI - I fully supported J-Rich's shot on Okur at the end of the game. Mr. Big was trying to show up Tha Dubs and he deserved to be knocked on his ass. Now OF COURSE, nobody sees that I wrote that (I even put in in bold to draw attention), but instead you think. "Hey they HATE on my beloved Dubs!!! Y'alls just a bunch of haters!!!!'


Feel free to read our site more than just once a year and THEN you be the judge if we're all racists.

Now I gotta go back to watching Hockey, NASCAR, the Utah Jazz and the Atlanta Braves.

Jay Shardasik

Excuse me, but it is not your opinion that Baron Davis' foul on Derek Fisher was excessive that makes your comments racist, it is the stereotypical portrayal of the Warriors in your horrible offensive Venice Beach/ white prep comparison. Although I do feel that Derek Fisher was milking the elbow to make it seem like more than it really was, thats not the point. I am appauled by your apparent lack of class and consciousness of minority groups and people unlike your selves. Sure its easy to portray people like Steven Jackson and BD as your standard anti society gang banger, why not try to get a little more knowledge before you fall back on such ignorant stereotypes.


Can't wait to read your article about show the Spurs are a bunch of punks, this is the nba, this is the playoffs, you've probably only seen 10 warriors games in your life you racist, why don't you throw down $160 and invest in the package or do they not have it in SLC. Your opinion means nothing, can't wait never read this site ever again cause you'll never write that article.


The Venice Beach pickup game v. white schoolboys comment is racist. Flat out.

Also, if you had any brains and were paying attention to the Dubs, you might have commented that the Dubs are actually playing offense like Euros (drive, dish, shoot 3s). Oh, and uh, Euros are known for being... say it with me...white.

You guys are not worth reading. Enjoy the Indy 500, boys, and have a nice life.


Unless you've ever played ball at Venice Beach (like I have), you wouldn't understand the analogy. Let me explain:

You have your home pick-up court with your friends that you play along with every week, right? Suddenly a team of pretty-boy frat guys (in their effeminate powder blue jerseys and Euro smugness) roll in and beat your brains in and start talking trash along the way. You look around and think, "No f_cking way! This is not happening!" So you take out a few guys as they drive to the hole. You throw an elbow as you grab a board. They may beat you, but you're kicking there prettyboy-asses along the way. THAT is how I saw the way Golden State was reacting on Sunday. They were at the Oracle and NOBODY comes into the Oracle and wins. And NOBODY tries to dunk along the way as time is running out. NO-BOD-EEE!!

I hope I'm clear on the anaology.

Of course, I'm not saying that Venice Beach is my home court (but the talent there is closer to NBA than where I normally play (unless you count 5th string Clippers), but I was hoping I got my point across.)

Race was not the intent... just humor. Relax....


Thing is, you watch how lazy and half-ass Mehmet was when he tried to dunk it, no wonder he landed on the floor he did.

You can't expect a player to go up for a dunk that weak and expect a free bucket or anything "Top 10". Either fattie goes up strong and expects contact or gets his butt laid down on the ground.

It's how it goes.


Why does the prep players necessarily need to be white? Why can't they be African-American, Asian, or Hispanic? When you mention the ethnicity of the prep schoolers, you fail to mention the ethnicity of the bad Venice Beach pick up team but this might be caused by an implicit message that the "bad" Venice Beach players are minorities and are getting beat by "white" prep schoolers.

This might be caused by bigotry and you subconciously assuming that prep schoolers are white, structured and pretty boys. While minorities are just unstructured and are unable to become one of those "prep schoolers".

I'm not saying you're racist but rather I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are socially ignorant.


Your analogy holds no water. The Jazz led the league in fouls this year. They also were fouled the most. In your infinite wisdom, why do you think that is? I certainly agree that the Warriors lose their composure during the waning minutes of games, but that has more to do with their fiery personality. They feed off emotion, so they're looking for it wherever they can get it. Not to mention, using one of Derek Fisher's Oscar-winning dives..that's just silly. It demonstrates how much basketball you (don't) watch. As both Warriors fans and Jazz fans can atest, you can safely assume that any foul call or reaction dfish elicits is usually fake. But, hey, you're the "expert." You have the platform.

I guess that

me = venice beach

you = prep school white guys


"Can't wait to read your article about show the Spurs are a bunch of punks", umm... hello? Look at what Robert Horry did last night. Body checking Nash into the scorers table? That was a punk move, even Nash said after the game that he thought Horry lost his mind.


You guys have no idea what you are talking about - The Warriors have just made history beating a #1 seed with 67 wins in a best of 7 game series. Also Playoffs is about emotion - everything is on the line so players will get physical and frustrated. Grant it they should not act harmful towards another player, but Baron's foul was a better acting job by D-Fish and J-Rich stopped a show off dunk with seconds left and game was over. When Baron dunked over AK there was plenty of time still and it was within the course of the game with all players in their set offense/defense. Okur was just being foolish and he admits it was a bad reaction afterwards. Get your facts straight and try to be objective. Then again - you guys are probably into the Jazz since they are mostly white ... are you guys Mormon? You guys are weak. Warriors lead the league in steals and causing turnovers - 2nd in league for points. They went 16-5 to get to the playoffs and beat out good teams like Detroit, Houston, Utah, Dallas (before the last game). Quality teams. Give your respectful dues.

R Dizzle

Ouch...there goes your journalistic integrity...

Drink all the haterade you want (I'm sorry, was that a "colored" statement?), but objectively, you have to give the Warriors the credit they deserve.

They are playing with HEART - and yes, that does lead to emotional things happening.

Either way guys, I have no idea how successful your blog is, but I'd suggest that you try to be a little more PC with your "jokes."

By the way, I went to a "white prep school" (surpringly I'm not white...they do have brown kids there...) and that situation is nothing like what happened on Sunday.

Jazz = good team.
Warriors = good team.

Nobody thought this series was going to be close...but apparently people thought that the Jazz were a buncha "white prep schoolers" and the Warriors were a "Venice Beach pick-up team."

Guess like Paul Wall (a white guy raps?!?!) you guys are "makin the internet goin nuts."

Except in a bad way...


Dude - Your "you don't get the analogy" statement is pure B.S.

I've played at Venice Beach, and just because you've played there doesn't mean your statement wasn't racist.

You have an obligation as the "journalist" to be clear and avoid racist comments. You didn't need to call the "schoolboys" white to get your point across, and you fell right into the trap of giving the impression that the Jazz are the "whites" and the Dubs are "jive ass bruthahs."

Apologize or lose all credibility. Up to you.


First, GSOM did take the bait and link your ignorant garbage. Second, here's the cross-post explaining to you why you made a racist statement (whether or not you believe you ARE a racist).

Dude - Your "you don't get the analogy" statement is pure B.S.

I've played at Venice Beach, and just because you've played there doesn't mean your statement wasn't racist.

You have an obligation as the "journalist" to be clear and avoid racist comments. You didn't need to call the "schoolboys" white to get your point across, and you fell right into the trap of giving the impression that the Jazz are the "whites" and the Dubs are "jive ass bruthahs."

Apologize or lose all credibility. Up to you.

Posted by: OriginalDon | May 15, 2007 at 10:30 AM

Dancing with Drexler

Do all of you Golden Staters want a Jazz fan's perspective? I feel like this racist analogy is more damaging for the Jazz than for the Dubs. I think Craig illustrates it best with his re-interpretation of the pick-up game analogy.
As a Utahan and a Jazz fan, I take exception to the analogy depicting the Jazz as white, preppy ballers. We've got a white head coach, Harpring (bench player) and AK47 (you could throw Okur in there too, but he's Turkish and although the skin tone is pretty "white," I've lived in Turkey and that isn't always the case), but the rest of the team is black. And we don't play a whimpy, complacent brand of basketball, as the "racist" analogy would lead one to believe.

However, I'm tired of people defending Davis and J-Rich's actions at the end of the game. What kind of person blindly shivies his "mentor" at the end of a loss, and not even during the course of play?
And although Okur's intentions on that last dunk were obvious, it's exactly what Baron Davis had in mind when bringing it to the hole with under 3 minutes to play and a 20+ point lead (while fouling AK at the same time with that stiff-arm to the face) but the Jazz didn't have to go classless on Davis and take him out. This isn't rec ball, college ball, or even the regular season. It's the playoffs. There's no mercy rule; you play for 48 minutes. And if you get your feelings hurt because a player makes a move to your basket with a wide open lane and 4 seconds left on the shot clock, then welcome to playoff basketball, Golden State - it's been a while, hasn't it? That's how it's played so show some grace in losing. Unless you were expecting Nellie to hand out juice boxes after the game, show the same pride in losing that you show in winning - that passionate, infectious pride that made everyone in the nation (including me) "believers" during that Mavericks series.

And all you ebonics-shouting haters who are dishing out the same over-generalizing or racist diatribes that The Association did should be ashamed (I'm looking at you, HistoryBuff & Ryan Helfant).


Alert me next time a group of streetballers sink 11 three point shots in the first half of a second-round NBA Playoff Game. Or, in the context of character, one of the Utah Jazz drop their own coin to place an ad in the local papers declaring their commitment to the franchise and the fans.

Although I find your ability to blow yourself in print rather impressive, forgive me if I look away in disgusted amazement. I'll take my "streetballers" over wife-swapping, Captain Eyebrows and Skeletorilenko any day of the week.

Eat it, chumps.

Pimp Dice

I dont really see this as a black or white issue. Sure the anaology he used was a bit of a stretch, but really all that happed was that the Warriors over reacted to loosing on their home court and took out some of their frustration on the Jazz players. Were both of the perpertraitors black? Sure, but they could just have easily been white. I'm thinking it was just a coincidence.


Oh, and Dancing with Drexler...

RE: Juice Boxes

All that isolation out there in the dust capitol must be affecting your perception of reality. That was J-Rich fouling the-man-with-no-chin, not a fan.

Listen dude, you live in Utah. If anyone needs a juice box, a blanky and a shoulder to cry on, it's you pal. As an act of good faith, we'll keep making it possible for you to have your basketball team with our tax dollars. You're welcome!


Dancing, I am glad to hear it from a Jazz fan. However, as a Jazz fan you don't understand the Warriors game per se. The reason the Golden State drives up the points is because that is the way we need to close out games. Too many times have I seen the Warriors lead by 10 in the last two minutes of a game and then lose it by 3. I totally understand your frustration, but you have said it yourself, "this is playoff basketball." Baron went up against AK47 and dunked it with authority to show his teammates, fans and the Jazz that the Warriors will not lay down. That this team will not go out without a fight. Jason's foul was warranted. The Jazz play a possession type of basketball. They control the time of possession in contrast to Golden State's run and gun style. The Jazz know when to back off and Okur didn't do that. As for Baron, there is no real justification for what he did. However, Fisher did make the foul much more serious than it really was. Just like when you're trying to get mom's attention when your brother pushes you. Well in this case your mom is the ref, Baron is the "big bully brother", and Fisher is the "helpless frail brother."


I was very disheartened after seeing Baron lash out at DFish that way. It was a bad move and not a mature way to take out his frustration. Now that I've gotten that out of the way yous twos guys can suck it. You sound like a couple of pissy soccer moms after their kid got knocked over in a game. Your freaking pieces over at the Fanhouse and what I've read over here aren't even entertaining, just bitchy. How the hell can you not enjoy the intesity and drama of these games? Let the players sort it out amongst themselves and stop crying so much. Fisher's let it go, Baron's admitted he shouldn't have done it why are your panties so twisted? I've never played at Venice beach like you tough guys but if you cry this much about hard fouls and players lashing out I can't imagine you'd do too well in most streetball games.

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