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May 16, 2007



Well alright... this comming from a Spurs fan who doesn't associate himself with other Spurs fans? I thought Spurs basketball was all about team play, you know being on the same wave length? Isn't that how they usually make it to the finals every year (minus last year)?

And as far as encouraging eccentrics goes you beat me to it in your previous post.


i'll take everyone on a case by case basis. every team has knucklehead fans, obviously. i'm not going to stand behind lunacy because of some singular commonality. spurs basketball is about team play. the last time i checked, the fans weren't playing. also, they make it to the finals every odd year (minus the lakers 3 in row run). i want to prove that all spurs fans are not as they are absurdly characterized on this blog.

Israel Rico

You Idiots don't you ever listen to Jim Rome..

He calls Canada "America North!!!!!!!!"

Don't take it personally...like Kobe.....oh yeah I forgot Laker fans have sesative skin....

Well Boo....Fuckin HOOO!!!!!

joshua M

i think it was funny....bout time nash got his ass knocked out.....!!!!!

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