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May 16, 2007



Just chalk it up to the Spurs being the new "Bad Boys." They take cheap shots and mug you, then try to act like it's either no big deal or it's actually your fault.

Oh, and Horry conveniently overlooked the fact that he got two games for popping Nash AND for hitting Raja Bell in the face with a forearm. If he'd only done the one, he probably would've only gotten one game.

God, I f**king hate the Spurs.


Just chalk it up to the Spurs being the new "Bad Boys." They take cheap shots and mug you, then try to act like it's either no big deal or it's actually your fault.

Oh, and Horry conveniently overlooked the fact that he got two games for popping Nash AND for hitting Raja Bell in the face with a forearm. If he'd only done the one, he probably would've only gotten one game.

God, I f**king hate the Spurs.


anybody can always find alibis to walk away clean-handed off a kill. nice one there Bob! but for sure the people of Canadiastan are not gonna buy that. indeed, this one is gonna chalk up to your many accolades..what a way to end you career Big Bob!


Wow, they just don't know when to stop.
I'm tired of them! The Spurs ruined this series for me. Even as a Suns fan I really can't stand the games, except for some magical moments by the Suns (like game 2's last quarter, the game 4 comeback's Nash-Amare sweet back2back plays and Marion's first half in game 5).
The Spurs don't play attractive basketball. I think they understood they can't beat the Suns in the ball game, so they literally beat them.

I hate the f**cking Spurs. I just want the Suns to move on to the Western finals vs. the Jazz.
Amare, beat them in game 6, go back to the US Airways and show them again, no one wants to f*** around with STAT.


this should come as no suprise, but i agree with big rob on this one. i'm not saying it was the smartest thing to do, but all he did was put a body on nash. he didn't push him. he didn't apply extra force to get him to go down. nash hit a padded table, fell down, waited a couple of seconds and then started flailing around like he was dying and covered his head.
then, and this is the best part, he springs up like he's gonna fight horry when the refs and players on both teams have everyone separated and there is no chance at all of getting to horry. what a tough guy.
not only that , but after the "melee" nash is shown at the phoenix bench grinning from ear to ear, bouncing up and down and joking with his teammates. wow. what a hard foul.
the media has turned this into a huge deal and all of you fools are buying into it. you should all be ashamed of yourselves. especially if you call yourself a journalist. you all know you've seen fouls worse than this that go largely unnoticed and without commentary. you know it's true and if you can't admit it, you are a liar.
yes, i am a spurs fan. it doesn't matter. i would feel the same way if i weren't.
all this hype is complete and total bullshit and you all know it. don't embarrass yourselves further.


Dave -

Thanks for all of your Spurs comments!!

And yes I'm a Spurs fan but when I saw the foul as it was played over and over again - there's the moment of suprise and geniune reaction from Nash and then he starts playing the push for all its worth.

I give credit to the Spurs for playing in a hostile stadium and keeping it together.

I also give credit to Steve Nash for his efforts but also think playing the entire 2nd half is going to hurt him in Friday's game.


oh, c'mon. it's not about who's rooting what team here.. it's about the playoffs! it's but natural to have all the hype in the world coz it's the playoffs! it's the time of the year for the NBA. and things could indeed get blown out of perspective. Stevie is a good actor, and Bob is a good antagonist. makes sense.. only in the Playoffs.


so now we know two things for sure. one- horry is an idiot. two- spurs fans are going to protect their living-dead-team no matter what. amare got suspended for taking two steps. there was no contact, there were no words, I believe he didn't even had time to look at anybody the wrong way. but hey, here we are with a maniac who mistakes football tackle with "bump him a little bit" and all of a sudden it's stevies fault ?! fans of san antonio zombies- please take your heads out of your as*es.


Calling all Spurs fans, especially fans of MANU & OBERTO to visit the following blog. Your comments are much appreciated



it was a flop and he hit a padded table and stayed until everyone was restrained. And another thing, RAJA BELL is the one that escalated the situation Horry was trying to walk away!!!!!!


nobody said it was nash's fault. nash did overexaggerate the foul, that is obvious. i don't blame him for it, but it did only add to the ridiculous ammount of attention this play has recieved.
"football tackle"? you've got to be kidding. that's a joke, right?
i still have this game on dvr and i've watched it several times. i've also tried to explain my opinion on this site to an exasperating degree. it's hopeless. everyone is going to believe what they read on blogs and hear on espn. i'm tired of everyone saying "go read this or that article". most sports writers are idiots. that is the job you get when you are a moron with a degree in journalism. i formed my opinions from what i saw with my own eyes and i tried to look at this from an unbiased point of view.
the perception of the spurs being a dirty team is set in stone, it's not fair, but the media has made sure that this is the common perception.
so, congratulations to all the spurs haters, you finally got what you wanted. i want the spurs to win a fourth title. i'll probably get what i want, too.


ridiculous. every person has his own idea and perspective. in short, everything is basically SUBJECTIVE. you can hate the Spurs or love em, or scorn the Suns or praise them - that's totally anybody's right. same right goes to the journalist that who is always subject to either hate or praise. getting the idea across is an art, but getting the idea across a hostile audience is another thing.


Ridiculous. Every person has his own idea and perspective. In short, everything is basically SUBJECTIVE. You can hate the Spurs or love em, or scorn the Suns or praise them - that's totally anybody's right. And just about the same right goes to the journalist as well who is always subject to either hate or praise. Getting an idea across is an art, but getting the idea across to a hostile audience is another thing.
Quit or go on hating. It's your right.


i rest my case.


ok, ok, got it. really. all of this was written in a well composed, polite manner and I really respect that. BUT. it wasn't unbiased. far from it. here's my point: it was a brutal, unnecessary play. plain and simple. anyone will agree- horry went for the suns most valuable player and went for him in the most dirty, unsportsman manner. the game was lost for san antonio, this wasn't the "hard play-off defence" it was simply an attempt to inflict an injury. so what if nash flopped ? it's really amazing that it comes from the fans of a team where ginobili and parker play. but all that aside (plus bruce bowen). defending horry is not "getting the idea across a hostile audience". it's simply justyfying "any means necessary" type of mentality. the winner should be the team that is more talented, not the team that has more role players to sacrifice for suspensions.


dammit! i thought i was out, but they keep pulling me back in.
ok, i don't agree. "brutal" is far to harsh. go look it up on dictionary.com. i shouldn't be surprised by it's use in this forum of absurdist debate. however, it is an ignorant summary of events. "unnecessary", fine i can accept that. horry could've just wrapped him up. i'm even willing to give rob the benefit of the doubt when he said he intended to take a charge. maybe it's regret talking, but maybe not. maybe it's complete bullshit. who knows. it doesn't matter.
oh, and for the record, it's spelled defense. you have spell check, use it.
i wouldn't argue that ginobili and parker don't flop. everybody flops if they have the skill to do it and get away with it. my high school coach used to call it "selling the foul".
i've seen, given and taken many fouls harder than that one. there is no "any means necessary" mentality. that argument is patently ridiculous.
the best word to describe the foul on nash by horry is "demonstrative". you can go look that one up, too, or you can all be ignorant and reactionary for the rest of your miserable lives. whatever.


you also spelled justifying wrong. it's hard to take someone whose spelling is so atrocious, seriously.


it's hard to take seriously someone who makes pointing out the misspeling one of his main arguments. i'm from poland, english isn't my main language, isn't even second. so yeah, my bad spelling made me lose this one. damn. it's really hard to win in a debate against someone with the unfamous "spelling argument". i'm off to some secluded place to work on my "defense" and "justifying" untill next play-offs.


guess they were right.


you know what grinch, you're right. my bad. i apologize. my polish is terrible. i know kielbasa and pierogi. i know who zbigiew brzezinski is. your english is quite good. i understand the "y" in justifing now. you guys put y's in everything. you got me. i feel horrible.
seriously, i apologize.
it's hard not to get defensive. i usually have good intentions. i just want to get an opinion across and make a clear and concise point.
there are a lot of people here whose only refuge, when faced with truth and validity is to make personal attacks on the people who make compelling arguments. i've tried hard not to do that unless i've been provoked by someone who is attacking me personally.
i lost control and lashed out at this poor guy. this is how robert horry must feel. this really puts everything in perspective.
we should all make an effort to keep our comments clear and concise and stop the personal insults and attacks. it's beneath us, really.
ok, i feel much better now. how's everybody else doin'? geebs? basketbawful? tgarcia? all the rest of you guys? we all love basketball (or koszykowka as it's known in poland). we share this common thread, if nothing else. let's all be friends!
i'm sorry. i'm a little giddy after that spurs' win.


i don't like the spurs or the suns; i just wanted to get that out of the way first of all.
i love basketball and i play regualarly, and it is true that if someone of nash's size is running full speed, and a person hits them. and the person could be of almost any size. but, especially a person of horry's size hip checks them. they don't have to be an actor to display what happens next, which would most likely have an effect alike that of a linebacker hitting a runningback, but neither having on any type of pads.
but, i do believe that nash is a good actor, and that horry didn't intend to hurt nash, but horry could've at least tried to play defense instead of intentionally fouling him.
but, this happens all the time in basketball. if a player can't guard someone, they either just intentionally foul them or try to keep that player from getting the ball, because they're trying to win. Ask shaq about it, he has gone through that predicament his whole career. shaq's just big enough to where not too many players can push him down no matter what.
just mentioning extra facts, i believe that is shaq could make free throws, he could've been one of the best basketball players in history.


I've been watching NBA basketball for a while now and that little whack wasn't that bad at all. If you watch the video, see how little Nash throws his arms up in dispair, lol...which just makes it look much worse than it was. IF if it was as bad as everyone's pretending it was, he wouldn't have been able to jump up and attempt to scare Horry by grabbing his jersey in animosity. Gimme a friggin' break, people. In all my years of watching, I've never seen the other team's fans place helmets on their heads and boo every single possession of the opposing team. And there have been WAY worse hits than that and y'all know it. It's ridiculous and so are most of you, Go Spurs = ]

Israel Rico

You know why Robert Horry shoved Steve Nash?

For Being Anti-War!!!!

Canada (a.k.a. America North) Sucks!!!


can i officially remove myself from any association with mr. rico? other than the fact that we are both fans of the same basketball team, i don't see any other similarities.
i know how brett, craig, basketbawful, geebs, et al like to lump all spurs fans together like we share some kind of mass conscious, but this guy is nuts. i want no part of it. i stand alone.


Wait... so rico says Robert Horry pushed Nash because he doesn't like to kill people like our nation does (via War)? Did you know that Nash only moved to Canada, but was born in Africa? As far as I know Africans are no strangers to war. But that's beyond the point, that is an absurd thing to say given any reasonable context.


why are you giving this guy the time of day? it's pointless. don't encourage him. we all know it's absurd. you don't have to call attention to it. we don't need extra information about steve nash. what's your point? it's like when you make a sandwich and you leave the room and the dog eats your sandwich. do you get mad at the dog?

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