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May 06, 2007



So that's why there has been a shortage of articles around here. I remember comming here last year at this time and there was alot more material. Well, keep doing what your doing. I'm too lazy to search around for another NBA blog.


i love the spurs, but come on spurs over suns?... and in 6?! no way


Thanks Insipid. We're taking it up a notch starting Monday.

Bobo - As I've been saying all year, the Spurs have the Suns number. The Spurs are the only team in the league that doesn't get in a track meet with the Suns.


Cleveland in seven- no..in my opinion Nets win in game 6 possibly in 7..Nets are better team than Cavs in my opinion- in Playoffs they are monolith, Cavs play good but generally
Cavs=LBJ..LBJ play good, so Cavs win, but when LBJ play poorly Cavs have problem. Cavs in my opinion too easy won in 1st round, and this is plus for NJN in my opinion. LeBron must play best how is able, differently- Nets in 6 or 7

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