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May 03, 2007



Damn, I get to play at an outdoor apartment court with some very good 8th graders and young high schoolers.

Honestly, I can't think of the last time I ran ball indoors. First time back you always get that sensation from trying to breathe cold, conditioned air and think you're drowning.


I've got a buddy who played pickup hoops with Fred Hoiberg a few years back. He said The Mayor was dunking on everybody, hitting threes from ridonkulous distance, and basically just schooling anybody who dared guard him (the same friend tried to hold Hoiberg's arm on a three-pointer, only to be lifted partially in the air as Freddy just put it up like any other shot).

Yeah, pros are pros for a reason.


Who knew the Mayor was such a dick? See that would piss me off if a guy who was that much better than everyone was going full speed and whooping it up. Especially since Hoiberg's not that big of a dude, I think a hard foul or two would have been well-deserved.


Well this the brother of James Singleton Look when we was there we never wanted anyone to hold back ever I know for myself and as well as me knowing my bro , we want the people playing to play at full speed and never hold back because we never hold back at all we know when people are just messing around and not playing for real and when they wanna start really playing .So u see we just wanted to play pick up games whenever because that's something we have done since for as long as I can remember and that's never gonna stop ever so if u see us stepping in the gym ready to hoop don't chicken out and act all funny acting and wanna back out look it's either your a hooper or ur not stop don't wine like a little girl about "oh Im waiting for my friends to come " look just pick up the people that's there who's ready to play it's that simple step up and be a real hooper and not wine about who u ball in against. That's how u get better hey how u think we both learned by doing just that just getting in there and hooping and accepting the challenge.

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0k lets get some things straight here because i think you placed singleton in your little category of those players that overseas teams get saying their showboats well lets make it clear and im only saying this once 'SINGLETON ISN'T A SHOW BOAT HE'S first and foremost everything but that he's a REAL BALLER NOT Some player thats just out there B.Sing around and as Kobe once told him "Hey look if the Clippers or the Mavericks are to blind to see that they have a Damn good Player that hasnt been given a chance to shine a Show what he's made of then their the Fools everyone deserves a chance & Singleton Has never been given tha real opportunity but Guess What if The thunder get him or Chicago Bulls Godwilling Look out His former teams he knows their teams weaknesses because if your a real baller like Jordan while ur sitting down it's like your analyzing the opponents ur playing against whether their ur friends , buddies or jus the opposing teams u look for weaknesses that u can attack and by him being him being the real Ball Player he is and Strategist like playing chess which he's damn good at, he's gonna study the enemy while he's on the sideline and when he steps on the floor he's ready to attack that weakness & exploit their players weaknesses really really fast and get in that players head like how Rodman did when he was playing but definitely going in with that "take no prisoners no matter who steps in front no matter how big their player" he's not one like other players to go quiet into the night like other soft whining players that like to complain alot about petty stuff , NBA Guess What A Real Hooper like Pierce , Jordan ,Rose And Kobe is Back on U. S soil and his name is James Singleton ... and he's not playing any games with anyone that steps in front of him PERIOD............So Whatever team is willing to seriously give him that chance he welcomes it openly and he steps out on that floor its business and not time for Dragging ass.....

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