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May 14, 2007



go crawl back into your KKK hole

you are still a dumbass

um that is racist humor. worse than don imus!! if you cannot see it, even in this stupid explanation, you are an idiot. i will go link to this in the gsom comments right now... gsom is not afraid of you dumbasses. they are not doing this to take eyes away from you and you obviously just want to get some of their traffic on this lame racists blog.


First, GSOM did take the bait and link your ignorant garbage. Second, here's the cross-post explaining to you why you made a racist statement (whether or not you believe you ARE a racist).

Dude - Your "you don't get the analogy" statement is pure B.S.

I've played at Venice Beach, and just because you've played there doesn't mean your statement wasn't racist.

You have an obligation as the "journalist" to be clear and avoid racist comments. You didn't need to call the "schoolboys" white to get your point across, and you fell right into the trap of giving the impression that the Jazz are the "whites" and the Dubs are "jive ass bruthahs."

Apologize or lose all credibility. Up to you.

Posted by: OriginalDon | May 15, 2007 at 10:30 AM


well I'll give you an A for effort, but an F for the overall save. you did nothing to convince me that your post was harmless.

to assume there's no racial undertone in your comments is like saying "colored" doesn't have the potential to be offensive.

the context was there. anybody who knows anything about writing will tell you that.

but good try though. next time just know when to cut your losses and say "my bad."

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