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May 23, 2007


John R.

"They are, indeed, bumming..."

CLASSIC line. Up there with the Miracles call.

ThUg iMmOrTaL

hey, can never go wrong with any pick. who can tell this early if the big fishes in the draft pool are pure talent or just all hype? 5th pick is not that bad, especially if the latter statement is proven true on the second premise.


Dominique Wilkins, standing next to Lenny Wilkens, the man most responsible for 'Nique's departure from Atlanta... I wonder if that was awkward at all.


If any team deserves a break and can be excused for tanking, it's the Celtics. There is not a team in basketball that's had worse luck than the C's over the last 21 years. I know how that Celtic fan felt, because that was me last night too.

ThUg iMmOrTaL

talkin about the luck of the Irish...


The Celtics have Paul Pierce, thats a star? Some teams dont even have one legit star player. So the Celtics wasted their time with tanking their season. And now their pissed cause their shannanigans didn't land them a better pick? Get over it.

Israel Rico

The Celtics are cursed!!!!!!!

1986...Coke head dies!!!!!
1988-92 Birds back fucks up
1993 They become the Hornets Bitch
1997...We are are gonna get Tim Duncan....NOT!!
1999 Spurs win Title
2001...They pass on Tony Parker.
2003 Spurs win Title
2005 Spurs win Title
Present--Blazers win Title
Durant is the MVP

..and somewhere in a cold grave in Boston..Red Arebach has turned over in his grave and stuck a cigar up his ASS!!!!!!!!

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