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May 10, 2007



i agree with you. this series is too good to end in less than the full 7 games.
ak47 certainly came alive in the playoffs.good for him.he's too talented to be in the doghouse ... or should i say, to be exiled in siberia !

Brigadier Pudding

Speaking of blaming the refs, the W's really need to stop the whining. Seems like every time down the floor Jackson and Davis are yapping at the refs about something. They're even whining after they make shots. Even Tim Duncan doesn't do that.

Joe Rigdon

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Why won't anyone acknowledge the Bulls just aren't that good, not getting Gasol was a mistake and their 49 wins is an indictment on the league. You can get by on just 'playing hard' in the NBA these days? Picture this: Gasol doing work on the east's big men as he did in the west when he was an all-star, now having Ben Wallace as the overpaid enforcer that he is instead of needing him to do more than he can and still having Hinrich and Gordon on the perimeter. Oh wait, what about Luol Deng. He's misused anyway! He should be a point forward and release some of the pressure Hinrich and Gordon have getting beaten up by bigger guards. Now, they can use their quickness to get free instead of this incessant screen and roll having to navigate through the wrath of being the smallest player on the floor most times.

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