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May 11, 2007



such a deep three-letter question right there. i agree that TyThomas should've been fielded in. His athleticism could have made a difference in the Bulls game both in offense and defense. In my opinion, Thomas is a hard worker, and picks up the slack if Big Ben or Noch is not on the floor. He runs the length of the court and plays good open court run-and-gun transition plays. Plus, his leaping could have contributed to more blocks and rebounds. It's the little things that count most if collected and considered right. Coach Scott, we are all counting on you. Make the calls when they are in order. the best of luck to the Bulls.

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My point? Other than a self-aggrandizing personal anecdote? In pro hoops, when it takes an extraordinary individual performance to eek out a 2-point win on your home court...you're in trouble. Because, while it's impressive, you can't duplicate that magic every time you play someone. And you have to figure Wade probably wouldn't have gone off like that in Detroit.

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bull team is good team , we will supply this team all the time


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