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April 30, 2007



wait a minute. there's another playoff series besides lakers vs. suns?


All right smart ass... expect some variety now that the Lakers are done. :)


ya mavs are just as lucky it wasnt a sweep at game 2 when the ejections came O_O if you think they couldnt catch up check out game 4 ^^ at least GSW fans dont leave when theres 8 mins left in the 4th quarter lawl Mavs are a great team sometimes i dont know about some of the fans ....

Jim Donald

Brett: We were pulling shots out of our asses in Dallas, too. Just be happy Harrington and Ellis aren't playing well because we could easily be talking about a Warriors sweep.


A Loyal Warrior Fan Since 1969


hater alert. we shoulda swept you. intelligent commentary? jesus...

and shots out of our ass? yeah, it's not even that that's coming out of your supposed MVP. horrible..


A fan of the team with the worst fans in the NBA talks bad about the best fans in the NBA. sweet.


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Thanks for this, I agree with most of your points. Good to see someone with the same opinion.

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