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April 02, 2007



Personally I thought the all-blacks looked better. But still haven't gone and played in mine. I agree that they look and feel much better, and I am expecting good things today.


Cushioning is the key. They could be a decent shoe ( for the money ) if they have a decent insole. They should just partner with Dr. Schoals and include a set of Jellin's with the shoe.


sure these kicks are hot! for the price, it's more than worth it. hey man, can't expect much from your $15, but these sure will save ya ass from the uncool. im pretty sure these are solid too, so they are still good for some good ballin'

Mike G

I am just about to get a pair of these shoes. Apparantly since they don't have a Steve and Barrys In Oregon, I will get them from my Grandma. I think that these shoes have the potential to be big, and be the Norm. But does anybody remember Shaqs. He had a shoe that sold for 15$, I bought a pair and they literally fell apart in less than a month. It all depends on the quality of the shoe.


i got a size 10 pair of the same colorway. been using it for two weeks now. so far, i've never seen any prob with it. when i first got em, i laced em up right away to play an entire afternoon of pick up games. my initial feel of the shoe is that it is comfy straight out of the box, there's no need to break em in. well, maybe just a few walkin around would be good enough to break em in. as i laced em up for the first time, it gives a good hug around the ankle so long as it is laced all the way up there is no need for any strap to augment the design. also if you are wearing just the right shoe size, it does not leave any space for the foot to slide. the cushioning is much better than the one's, i guess it now has a thicker insole or midsole. and the arch support is what is noticeable on this pair. it's got good stability, like it has carbon fiber plate in it too. the traction is really great, it is grippy and the herringbone tread is perfect for both outdoor and indoor courts. all in all, i've proven its worth and i should say it has surpassed my initial expectations. not bad for $15, its actually $60 more if you will..


I have several pairs of the new Starbury kicks. My style: Starbury II; Starbury Team; Bowery. Not only am I happy with the Starbury kicks, but also with the clothing line. I have Starbury t-shirts (excellent quality), caps, and short sleeve shirts. The new Starbury kicks are better than the Starbury I but I still go out with my pair. All of the Starbury sneakers look good, although some are not my style (ex. Surfside). I have looked at the Schaquel O'Neal "Dunkman" sneakers - ugly.


Any verdict on these shoes? I wanted to see some good reviews.

The Baller

I got the same pair and they are sweet.


I had those shoes for the start of my JV basketball season and they didnt even make it through the first 2 weeks of practice. the insole ripped out really quick. the bottom parts of the sole (the blue ovals on the bottom) ripped and came off easy putting holes in the shoes themselves and where the sole meets the shoe came off. They have zero ankle support. I like the shoes just not for playing in. They're great shoes to walk around in but not good basketball season shoes.


Well I have been in a basketball league and playing basketball for a long time with my Starbury and the felt great. i had a higher jump and it makes my foot comfortable. I love starburys for only 14.98. The quality of the shoe is amazing. I highly suggest you to go and pick it up at Steve and Berry's right away.


These shoes are better than any other shoes on the market. They are better than the air jordans as well as the Melos. I have had lots of expensive shoes, and than I tried a pair of the starburys. They felt and lasted much longer than my other $120 shoes i bought. I was such a fool to pay for the expensive shoes. These are 5 times better.

nolan blder

Ok. starbury shoes are a good shoe for the $. the ankle support is not that great. i rolled my ankle a few times. but idk if it was me or the shoe's fault. OVerall, i am happy with the shoe and i have 3 pairs and continue to buy more. They are a stylish cool pair of shoes


can you help me? I need 48 europian size. wichs size will be american? 14th or 15th? please help me


can you help me? I need 48 europian size. wichs size will be american? 14th or 15th? please help me


can you help me? I need 48 europian size. wichs size will be american? 14th or 15th? please help me


these shoes are da shit!!!! have 6 pairs and my all black pair i use for the season feel great and had no problems.....go to steve&barrys and buy some!!! or if u cant get them online!! fuck jordans they are a rip off .... lets start a movement!! support starbury spread the word to everyone!!! starbury is a gift to us all saving us from wastng money on nike or adidas.....ya feel me we can make a difference


Well... After reading a lot of positive and negative comments about the Starburys I decided to try them myself and post how they performed. First of all I have to say that getting them was quite difficult as I am living in Mexico now. I got the Starbury 2's (The one in the American flag colorway) and wear them frequently for outdoor balling.
I was really surprised at the level of comfort they posses. I've been wearing brand-name bball shoes all my life (Mainly Nikes) and I have to say thay are as confortable as the more expensive ones. They are also very light which comes in very handy if you play the point like me and they look very durable (Have worn them for 2 months). I would encourage anyone to get themselves a pair, but have still to see how they perform in the long run. I'll keep you posted.

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