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April 17, 2007



first, you wouldn't be saying 1999 didn't count if the lakers, bulls, or some other high profile, big market team won the championship. everything would've still made sense in your little fantasy world. jordan would still be playing, shaq and kobe would still be together and larry and magic . . . oh, nevermind. talk about boring.
the spurs have earned everything they have and i would say the same about any other team with the same accomplishments.
secondly, the spurs do not complain any more than any other team. i don't have the time, self-hatred, or bain damage to put together a "photo essay" (really impressive, by the way).
it is pretty easy to make a point when you only use quotes that will illustrate such. yes, there are stupid spurs fans. there are stupid fans of every team, obviously. it's a given. just read 90% of the comments on this blog. this is not a challenging point to make.
you are just rehashing your old, uninteresting articles and trying, unsuccessfully, to make them relevant to a current situation. boring.
everyone has been complaining about the absolute power the officials have this year. the league finally does something about it (to the biggest violator, nonetheless) and all you can do is write the same hacky crap about the spurs and their fans. bravo, sir.
have some pride. give us something insightful and relevant.


Losers? It's clear who the real losers are around here. You guys are absolutely obsessed with ridiculing the Spurs and their fans. Is the fact that the Spurs swept the Lakers in 1999 the real reason that you claim their championship that year wasn't legitimate?

The Spurs are widely recognized year-in and year-out as the top or one of the top franchises in all of sports. The Spurs have a reputation as an organization that exemplifies character and class. It is a model franchise that other NBA franchises consistently seek to emulate. Is this kind of success the more likely reason for your irrational hatred? Make better use of your time.

John R.

"I thought to myself, what other team's fans unintelligently argue every topic by pointing out the number of championships that their team has won?"

The answer wasn't the Lakers?

"I thought to myself, what other team's fans unintelligently argue every topic"

Still the Lakers?

Spiral Inc.

Hey, I for one hate the Spurs. Their style of play is not only boring, but uninspiring. And yes they do bitch alot, probably because they feel they should win the title every year. But it doesn't happen every year, so why not shut the fuck up Ginobli/Parker after you dont get a call each trip down the floor.


now that's intelligent!


wow. it's been a while... Uh Brett, hook line and sinker, dude. If the true goal of this post was to let the Spurs fans prove your point for you, good job. (See how long it takes before they back-backlash to this comment starts...)


Geebs, you see through me like a wet t-shirt on a Hooters chick. We were just laughing the other day at one of your classic comments, you still at 78 words per minute HO? ha ha ha


1999 didnt count right? Thats right I forgot. The Spurs were the only team who didnt get the memo that year. The season was all in fun right? Every other team went into training camp NOT wanting to win it all that year. Give me a freaking break! I got a good look at the Spurs-Nuggets series. You think Tim Duncan cries alot?? Iverson CRIED on just about EVERY damn play both on the offensive side and defensive side. Call Ginobili a flop artist. Take a good look at Devin Harris and Raja Bell. They could write the book on the art. If boring wins championships, count me in!

Israel Rico

All I got to say is give where the fucking credit is due.........

ALL u Fuckheads (includ)ESPN and ABC...are still living in the Fucking past....was Magic,,,Bird or Jordan gonna play till they turned 100 fucking years old...get a fucking life....let look at the the numbers of success...

Seeing that u motherfuckars don't du ya research

But the top three teams OVERALL with winning seasons are

1. The Lakers (Rapers)
2. The Celtics
3. OhhhhThe Spurs...

Like many of the other teams in the NBA your owners suck balls they don't care about winning or success..and I think that's why alot of Fans hate the Spurs because we have had success every year in and out....but all good things must come to a end and that's cool ....but don't rag on a franchise because of it's success year in and year out. Once your team has won a title your fan perception changes you get spoiled and arrogant....RIGHT LAKER FAN...RIGHT BULLS FAN...RIGHT CELTIC FAN...HEAT FAN.....
..teams like Dallas and Phx and Utah have success but they don't have the juice...if owners and coaches would stop bitching about calls maybe some would go there way..

Ohhh yeah Magic Bitched...Kareem Bitched....Jordan bitched....Fat 300 pounds of shit Shaq...and that little raper friend of his Kobe ...well when dosen't he ever bitch....on and let not forget...fucking Col Sanders Phil Jackson....and his Zen Bitching.
So don't complain about officals and your teams failuers....write you front office or your fucking congressman...and get your asses out of the past!!!!


You know Israel, they've made wonderful advances when it comes to treating Tourette's.

Teh M45T3R

The Spurs are boring for the following reasons:

1. Veteran players with high basketball IQs executing flawless and strategic plays for 48 minutes.
2. Manu Ginobili's behind- the-back-reverse layups, passes and dribbles between defenders' legs (such as Kobe Bryant), clutch three pointers, and dunks over 1-5 opponents.
3. Tony Parkers layup clinics.
4. A brilliant coach who emphasizes family and teamwork over star power and ratings.
5. The smartest player (basketball and otherwise) in the league, Tim Duncan.
6. The team with best collective sense of humor (see press conferences/ HEB commercials).
7. Lack of thugs and egotistical superstars.
8. Class personified.
9. and lastly, every organization in the league (and professional sports) attempts to mirror the Spurs, from the front office to the players.
Other than those reasons, the Spurs are actually a pretty good team.

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