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April 23, 2007



The Mavs-Warriors game last night had a similar stretch of jumpshots that didn't make any sense. It was again the fourth quarter I believe and the Mavs were trying to put the Warriors away and Baron Davis got ejected. Most of the Warriors performers were in foul trouble and the Mavs hadn't hit a 3-point shot ALL NIGHT, yet they attempted 4 of them in a five minute span and Dirk continued to utilize only the fall-away jumper, which was what he was doing the last two games of the finals last year. It's a terrible way to play a game when you are the bigger and less agile team.

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You gotta remember who Avery's mentor is. Don Nelson is the king of playing goofy match ups, sometimes to the point where he outthinks himself. I think Avery may have gotten caught up in trying to prove to his mentor that he is just as smart as he is instead of just danicin' with who brung 'im. He made it kind of personal, I think, but Game 2 showed that he learned from his mistake.

Once he starts making the same mistakes twice, then I think we can start questioning his ability to handle the playoffs.

He hasn't been a complete choke artist in the playoffs: he did get them to the Finals, and wasn't he wildy lauded for his ability to go small and push the pace (basically playing Devin Harris) to get to last season's Finals?

Seems like what got him praised once kinda back fired the next time. But hey: that's hoops.


When Will The NBA Stop Trying To Influence Games

Last night’s officiating was another travesty. In both the 2nd and 3rd quarters, a series of quick fouls against the Warriors put Dallas in the bonus for nearly 2/3 of each quarter. Most of these fouls were dubious at best. Light touches that didn’t interrupt play, calls off the ball, and the quick succession of calls all lead to the conclusion that the NBA was trying keep Dallas in the game. The fact that it didn’t work is only a testament to how out of the game Dallas really is. You would have thought after last years final, the NBA would be more cautious. But the brazenness of the officiating is really shocking.


Avery, I have all the respect for you as a head coach. I'm utterly stunned that you would expose your teams deficiency by playing all of this man 2 man defense. You should make GS into a strictly jump shooting team by playing the match up zone that Miami used so well against you last year. Your Bigs have been rendered powerless and your foot speed is looking slower by the game. So much for the Buckner, George pickups. They are looking like Denver/Laker backups. Avery wake up and admit what you are. You're a step faster than San Antonio, but they have some one that can post up in the blocks you do not. Win Sunday or its time to go Fishing. Your game 7 is Sunday night. Good luck although I dont feel at all good about your teams ability to rise to the occassion. I hope to be proven wrong.

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My point? Other than a self-aggrandizing personal anecdote? In pro hoops, when it takes an extraordinary individual performance to eek out a 2-point win on your home court...you're in trouble. Because, while it's impressive, you can't duplicate that magic every time you play someone. And you have to figure Wade probably wouldn't have gone off like that in Detroit.

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