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April 16, 2007



thank God the lakers are in the playoffs.
now we will see lakers-suns part 2.
kobe vs. rajah bell part 2.
phil vs. 'antoni part 2.
maybe smush will redeem himself in the playoffs ?
maybe he will do what he did last season sinking the 3 pt.shot and stealing from steve nash ?
lakers fans will love smush oce again.
and phil will not wave no white hankie aymore......just jeanie buss' white panty !


panty? that word makes me giggle. craig, congratulations on the lakers' first round loss. because of your poor, miguided lakers obsessed brain, you missed the real story of the weekend. it is now officially against the rules for a player(s), to enjoy themselves during a game.
joey crawford tossed timmy duncan out of a game for . . . laughing . . . on the bench. what an egomaniac. i guess the mavericks have this year's championship all sewn up. with this kind of help, how can they lose? i don't recall ever seeing gary payton, who i know talks a tremendous ammount of shit on the bench, get tossed while still on the bench. duncan got tee'd up twice . . . on the bench.
this is outrageous. the league has to step up and establish accountability for their officials.
watch the western conference finals series spurs vs mavericks very closely because i am going to kill joey crawford.

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Are u on drugs?Penny never averaged 8 dimes or 6 brdoas in any season.His highest dime average in a season is 7.2 and his highest rebound average was 5.7. Tracys 4 years in Orlando he was a very good team player,he just didn't have any other great players with him.Penny is one of the most overrated players in NBA history.Was he good?Yes.Was he the MJ/Kobe/Magic level player many make him out to be?Hell no!


i enjoyed this game much more then other just couse of hubie he acaulty breaks it down and i dont have to right notes my self couse he sayz most things right

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