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March 25, 2007


John R.

I didn't have to be courtside to see "they" were right about Gilbert in the first place. Without a bunch of undeserved free throws he would have hardly any points at all. Running sideways into a player merely running back in transition gets you to the line? Utter trash. The Clippers had to make baskets while for some reason the Wizards only had to make free throws. Nice brick on that 3 at the end Gilbert.

Man it was fun to run Wizards fan out last night. The clown in the Merlin costume wouldn't get up out of his seat and accept the verbal beatdown that that theater student deserved.

Jason Hart couldn't hang with Zero? Please, if Gilbert was required to play by the rules of the game, ie no off-arm push-offs, his number would likely be his point total.

What's wrong with the Lakers that they gave him 60? More like Kobe couldn't hang with Zero.


sam cassell is not exactly in the good graces of mike dunleavy. why ? i think dunleavy sees cassell as a threat to him . cassell made the mistake of voicing and acting his desire to be a coach someday.
so cassell is not really hurt. he's in the doghouse . or in sam's case , confined in area 54 !


It makes no sense to sit Cassell, so he *must* be in the doghouse. I don't get how a team could play Tim Thomas and sit Cassell. Wacky.

John R.

He is hurt. He tried to go the other night in MIL and went like 3-3 then had to sit with back spasms. A man would have to be pretty far into the doghouse to not get minutes vs Jason Hart and Daniel Ewing.

He is healthy enough to jump around for a minute, but then that back tightens up tighter than a 12 year old. If they don't need him against the scrubs of the league like UTA and WAS its better if he rests.


Easy Clipper fan, just because you rolled UTA and WAS back-to-back doesn't make them scrubs. I'd say they hit "The Rhino" hard the night before. D-Fish and Zero know all the cool strip clubs and probably went overboard.

Though it was weird seeing Cassell bounce all over the floor in pre-game and not see him in the game. I wouldn't say doghouse, but maybe Dunleavy is resting him for the playoffs knowing the Clippers have no chance without him.

John R.

Well the Wizards hit the Warriors hard the night before, that much is certain.

And isn't there some sort of curfew for the Jazz?


"I see the Lakers as the fourth best team in the NBA."

John R.




Busted - that was in my drug-induced days.


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