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March 27, 2007



hey to me the shoe looks better than alot of other nikes, adidas etc. its okay to play in ,not the most comfortable shoe i have and certainly not the most uncomfortable shoe i have.


Where can i buy them?
They don't sell them anywhere around me and I want to buy them online


Got some black Starbury 2's when they came out, hooped 3 times in one week in them both inside and outside and I still couldnt believe these sneaks cost 15.00. I got jacked up feet and they didnt feel any worse than when I wear my T-Macs or Air Max's. Hell I went out tonight and bought the tight grey ones and a Starbury warm up for less than 50.00. Man, you can't beat these. They are way better than any Nikes,Rees, or adidas in the 50-70 range. Lastly, its good that Marbury is doing what he's doing. He grew in the hood. He grew up watching brothers getting smoked for their Jordans like I did. At least he doing something about it.... Late.

ol skool

steph has done a good job as opposed to dum dash whos trying to sell old school pro-keds for 125 why not be smart and sell them for the original price by the way all my kids have starbury 1&2s and do not wear thier nikes anymore ps the gears hot too


I bought the Starbury II's yesterday and I so far truly enjoy them. I'm a runner and I felt more cushion and support n these shoes than in some of my old nikes. Now, definitely not knocking nike's...they are old tennis shoes. They are still going past their milage life which will make them uncomfortable to run in. However, I truly respect Marbury for his efforts to accomodate those not as fortunate to pay high dollar for good shoes. I want to buy some in every color of all different types. Hats off to him and Nike or any other brand for making great shoes!


I made the mistake of wearing Starbury 1's in a real game. In my 4th game I ruptured my plantar facia because of what my Doctor deemed inadequate foot support. It started with plantar facia and didn't know what the pain was. I would be dam suprised if marbury threw a pair into the stands and it wasn't a modified pair with ample support and added cushion. I wish I could say differently because I really loved the shoe, but it has NO SUPPORT or cushion.


basketbawful, hey man, you suck. perhaps you need to see the doc more often to have that foot studied.. coz i think you have alien feet, and so does Craig. and probably you are not to good enough on the cage, you only deserve to plant your butts on the stands or better yet grab a cooler of gatorade and the towels.. that is your game, and i think your nike's fit that type of role that best suits you guys. Good luck to your new careers guys. Starbury is still the monster on the rise! Way to go!


Hey 20/20 slit the Starbury and Nike's right in half. It's made of the same thing's except that Nike as real leather and Starbury's dont'. and that gay little air thing in the shoe of nike's isn't anything except cotton behind it. go look it up l8r

reggie cesar

since august of last year i've been earing the croosover and i must admit i have brought 15 pairs 5 white 5 black 5 brown & tan all i have t say is i still have 3 of each due to the fact i like looking fresh & clean hen i go out so thank you sreph because nike use to get mad money from ne know they don't for the air force ones and to all th haters let me just say this if a billionaire like mark cuban can were them you kids who aren't even making fifth dollars week better wake up & nget real cause nike reebok adidas and-1 converse would try to do this to help out the hood you think the would hell no so all i have to say is to stephon marbury steve & barrys thank you cause you guys have help save close to 3-grand in sneaker money


This shoe looks tight i'm going to buy them. I've seen a lot of kids rockin em the starbury 1s in school so people must like em. It's about time some body made a good shoe for a good price. This is a great thing steph is doing and i'm certainly buying the starbury 2.


the shoes is so cool!!!
where else can you get a very good shoes for such a low price??!!! from this day forward i take my hats off for the guys at starbury!!! more power and bless your heart for doing such tremendous job!!!!


I own 2 pairs of Starbury One's. I purchased them for about 30.00 each with shipping included because the closest Steve and Barry's is about 300 miles away.
Due to basically being broke, over a period of 3 years, I have tried various budget shoes that range from 30.00-70.00, Shaqs, Addidas, About 15.00 Costco Court classics, New Balance, Spalding shoes (ugh), even Budget Nikes.
The Starbury Ones have proven to be very good in comparison; excellent traction (my number one requirement), very good weight, good comfort, very good look, and so forth.
Are they as good or better then a shoe retailing for 100.00 or more? I do not have enough information to say.
However, I am happy to pay less for a shoe that gives 120% performance of the 30.00-70.00 shoes I have tried, and maybe 70-80% performance of the shoes I can't afford to try.


the sneaks loo dope but they also look like from the "groovy days" I might buy it but the starbury's 1 look better


it also looks like a ice cream,popsicle, or a beach ball


damn i think these look tight as fuck, im gettin a pair

Tahj Berrien

The Starbury 2 sneakers looks HOT in Black ima cop a pair.

Dean Hill

Just bought 2 pair for my self, and 2 pair for all the boys. 10 pairs for $150.00 the same price as 1 pair of Nike Shocks. We all love the shoes, they are as good as any Nike/Reebock product out there.

In fact, the shoes are made by the same Chinees prisonors/future organ doners that make the Reebok shoes.

Many here seem to want to dog these shoes out because of their low price, I think they are dogging them because they know that they were taken for a ride.

The price has little to do with the shoe and more to do with the cost of advertising and promotion.


i have four children and money has been tight this year. i took my son for new pair of shoes for school and a family member told me about the starbury's @ steve and berry's. usually my kids get nike's but i bought the starbury'this time. he had lot of fun choosing and he is happy with his choice. he even has been showing them off. thanks to marbury large families can afford to keep their kids in style.


Have these shoes launched in stores and if not when do they?


I just recently purchase a pair of Starbury 2's. They are great. I'm not a big sneaker nut but I'll usually shell out $70 for a pair of sneakers. I got the high tops and they are great for walking because it's so light and comfortable. I actually look forward to wearing them. I wore them for a couple of hours of pickup ball last saturday and they handled really well. It had good traction and it was light. I was able to accelerate and decelerate nicely in them. I was a little skeptic before I brought them but now i'm real happy I took my friend's advice.


Just bought a pair, the jury is still out

Nike SB

Ummh, those are pretty disgusting.


You guys should checkout the shoes that came out from Nike with Ipod applications. Nike and Apple coming together is a perfect combination and if this can motivate a healthier lifestyle than more power to them.


those r mad to the max and if u think there crap well your weird


I Have a Pair oF The Starbury 2's but I did not like the Starbury One's but I really think the 2's Are really Good Shoes, And they fit on so very Perfect But What I'm About to do is cop those Ben Wallace Shoes I Here There betterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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