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March 06, 2007



I agree with your assessment of the Spurs. However, I also feel the need to point out that only 3 of the teams they've faced during their streak were above .500 (Detroit, Toronto, and Houston). Toronto wouldn't be above .500 in the West, and the Rockets are not nearly as good as their record indicates. Just sayin'.

The main problem for the Spurs is their lack of depth and quality players after the Big Three. Still, that's good enough to beat most teams that aren't based in the cities of Phoenix and Dallas. Injuries and depth are questions in Phoenix, which would give the Spurs a shot. But right now -- and things could change -- I can't see the Spurs beating Dallas.


kaman's appeal was his long hair . when kaman cut his hair , he turned off everybody . including denver's reggie evans !


i don't know if i should comment or not. that was the most positive spurs story i've ever read here. i don't want to rock the boat.
oh, well, here goes. craig, i'm glad you got some sleep. i guess solid, fundamental basketball and stellar team defense does work. hmm. it looks like we will see san antonio vs. dallas rematch in the playoffs. i think it's quite possible for the spurs to overrun phoenix and land at #2. there is no way phoenix can beat san antonio in a seven game series. the spurs have to prove themselves vs. dallas and no one else. remember also, that duncan, parker, and ginobili all played hurt in last year's playoffs.

i think kaman looks better with short hair. he finally accepted his rapid hair loss as a fact and he no longer looks like he crawled out from under some trailer in the ozarks.

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