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March 12, 2007



When we were debating the Lakers as contenders, I couldn't shake the feeling that a group of unproven, injury-prone players wouldn't keep playing at a high level once they were forced to perform on the road during the long grind of the NBA season.

And yeah, they couldn't.

But this isn't an "I told ya so" comment. It's more of an "I can't believe how many injuries there've been this season" comment. Seriously, is there a single healthy roster in the league? Are there any teams that haven't lost one or more starters for at least 10 to 15 games? I thought these guys were bigger and stronger than ever?


"I can't believe how many injuries there've been this season"

I agree. There was an article a few weeks ago in the LA Times where Lakers trainer Gary Vitti pointed to improved diagnosis as the reason for extended injuries. Basically slight nagging injuries that would previously go unnoticed are resulting in players sitting out games for cautionary reasons. With all the money involved, teams are very reluctant to throw players out there unless they are 95% healthy. The whole Luke Walton saga is one of these examples. He's missed two more weeks with ankle tendonitis. Back in the 80's everyone had tendonitis (identified as “sore” as in a “sore ankle”). Now it's two-weeks of rest and re-evaluation.


Injuries expected?!

Victories and injuries go hand in hand more than most people realize. My high-school coach broke it down like this: 'If you can last two more minutes than the other team, you will win the game'.

... last two more minutes... how? Training.

The better the training, the better the team. Teams that come back from being down, have great trainers, they're in condition.

They don't get hurt as easily, and they bounce back from injury more quickly.

Since the Spurs put Will Sevening on as the athletic trainer, they've done very well. They have the best winning record of any team in any major sport. (NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL)

One day NBA teams will start to realize this. Instead of worthless coaches like Isiah Thomas getting multi-year multi-million dollar contracts, the trainers and strength and conditioning coaches will start making money.

NBA games are much like horse races, can you out-sprint the routers, or out-last the sprinters. I was a huge golden state fan during the Run-TMC days. It was a lot of fun to watch high-powered offenses collide. Teams knew, all they had to do was outlast them, and ultimately Tim, Mitch, and Chris all ended their careers without earning a ring. Well okay, Mitch got the ring with LA, but he didn't do anything to actually earn it.

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