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March 18, 2007



You know...Smush was 8-for-10 for 19 points to go along with 9 assists and 7 rebounds last night. And considering it was a 7-point game, you have to figure the Lakers would have lost -- despite Kobe's 50-spot -- if Smush didn't have such a strong game.

Just sayin'.


Could you send me your address and size so that I can order you a Smush Parker jersey?

BTW - actual words NOT said by me at the Laker game after Smush hit a jumper in the 4th quarter, "You still suck!"

And that wasn't my wife or anyone that I took to the game who said it either.


I'll let you send me a Smush jersey if the Lakers beat the Suns in the playoffs and, per our agreement, I'll wear it for a week. Even to work.


I can't stoop so low to allow you to wear a Smush Parker jersey... but then again for that to happen Kobe has to drop 70 plus for 4 games.

lebron james

that thing looks like wittle bunny wabbit eating kitty syrop and munchy wunching on his wittle carrot muffincakey thing. Woogy woogy woo


Kobe had knee surgery over the summer. When the season started he could barely dunk let alone get off 35 shots. The media created the facilitator image for kobe and he ran with it. As u can see the knee is good now and he is the same kobe. Its not the he was being unselfish, the s.o.b couldnt throw up 35 shots every night. He knows it.


Why does nike not try to sell steve nash's shoes? I found them at jcpennys for 60 bucks. Market them like every other nike shoe and they will probably sell out. By the way they are a performance shoe. If you aint a baller u couldnt tell the difference.

hojjat ghassemi

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i love kobe


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