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February 15, 2007



It's not just Luke Walton...the Lakers are 15-17 after starting the season 15-6. And hey, didn't you call Utah a fraud for cooling off after the 12-1 start? But at least they're above .500 since (23-16 to be exact)...including 6-1 without their leading scorer/rebounder/percentage shooter. Just sayin'. :)


As much as I'd like to see the CAVS get another one from the Lakers, I totally agree with you. Sadly, it seems LeBron has been phoning it in a lot lately and his mind is probably already on Vegas.


"And hey, didn't you call Utah a fraud for cooling off after the 12-1 start?"

Sometimes (actually a lot of times) I have to eat my words.


"Sometimes (actually a lot of times) I have to eat my words."

Heh. Here's the thing, though. I honestly believe that the Lakers biggest problem is their lack of production from the point guard position. Yes, yes, I know that the Triangle Offense is supposed to eliminate the need for a play-making point guard. But even so, in the past Phil's teams always had a PG that was *at least* able to run plays and consistently hit the open jumper. Smush Parker is an absolute failure in that respect.

Conversely, much of Utah's success is due to the emergence of Deron Williams. And, sure enough, he's been carrying them in Boozer's absence. Amazing what an offseason with John Stockton will do...


"Smush Parker is an absolute failure in that respect."

Change that to, "Smush Parker is an absolute failure."

I actually found myself thinking that Sasha Vujacic would be a better starter than Smush... SASHA VUJACIC!!! The Lakers have been sorely lacking at the PG spot pretty much since the 2003 season, when Fisher was in his (as you might say) pre-corpse days. Since then; Gary Payton (2003-04, Billups exposed his lack of defense), Chucky Atkins (2004-05, ZERO defense), Smush Parker (present day).

Jordan Farmar might fill the role in a few years, but the Lakers really need to upgrade at the point for them to move up to a second tier team (with Utah, San Antonio, Miami and Detroit).

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