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February 17, 2007



Dwightey was robbed!!


amen to that too. The sticker dunk was mind-bogglingly awesome.
I think Dwight's only weakness was that his dunk was so off-the-charts that no one knew quite what to make of it. He should've tried to sell it better, perhaps announcing beforehand what he was gonna do it. I don't know. Maybe a little theatrics with Jameer Nelson daring him to do it, who knows.

Gotta love his grinning face on the sticker too. Historical & hysterical dunk.

I'd give a 50 to the Bobcats dancer on the last pic too


the sticker dunk was nothing but the use of one's height . no artistry , no innonativeness. maybe, if dwight had use a sticker showing anna nicole , the judges might have graded the dunk better !


Put the DNA test results on the sticker and you're guaranteed a 50!

Anthony Hendrix

Dwight howard was completly robbed from getting a perfect 50.He basically climbed the ladder that most 7 footers can't even imagine.He's definitely the product of hard work and I would have given him a 50

Dunkadelic King of NY

Dwight "Dunkadelic-Beast" Howard will get a chance to makeup for his lost last year in the Slam Dunk Contest. He needs to come up with something more powerful and creative to win. Larry Nance the 1st and only player 6'10 or taller who has won the Slam Dunk contest back in 1984 the 1st year of the contest.

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