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February 27, 2007



that's a trend that i support . maybe my mother in law can join the raptors sr. dance squad of the future .
it's a lot better than having a bunch of hairy overweights prancing in the dance floor like the bulls have!


Craig, Craig, Craig...you're going to have to fire your research assistant. If you had to guess if ONE TEAM would have a old person dance team, wouldn't you assume it would be the team based in the state that's the retirement capital of the U.S.? That's right...the Heat have "Golden Oldies": http://www.nba.com/heat/multimedia/goldies_bio.html


MY EYES... MY EYES!!!!!!

Wow, I just assumed since they have the sluttiest/hottest dance squad that they wouldn't "go old."

Plus, their website went waaaay over the top with the individual profiles and additional photos. So are they hoping that a bunch of AARP's would rub one out to the dance squad.

Shame on you for sending me that link!


Craig, I'm not sure what you have against "old"er people. My mom is on the Bucks' Senior Dance Team. I don't live in Milwaukee, so I wasn't able to see their first performance, but I heard the fans loved it. Fans, young and old, hugged them and thanked them after the game. Just because they aren't the young girls you're used to watching, doesn't make them less entertaining. They're out there to have fun, keep active and cheer for their home team! By the way, the Bucks gave them a standing ovation. I guess their families, the fans and the players are all the support these seniors need. I think your little "blurb" is demeaning to the older generations out there. Just think... Someday you'll be a senior!


Hi Craig - too bad for you!!! With your attitude you will miss out on enjoying a great part of your life. Looks aren't everything - and we do have a great, gorgeous dance team in the Energees. We perform purely for the entertainment of it - we don't think we're great or beautiful, but we can show people that we don't disappear when we reach 60. We have met great new friends and have a lot of fun. I hope your attitude changes as you grow older. Karen


Well said Karen. All I can say is that a lot of The Association is very tongue in cheek.

But I really appreciate the passion.


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