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February 18, 2007


evan m. whitefolks

I hate Laimbeer as much as anyone, but boy does that dude have some huge money. Apparently dude's family is big in construction and he is the last person who would need the money you get from the Shooting Stars.

Go back and watch the tape after the Skills Contest and see how pissed off Kobe was during Wade's acceptance. When you see a dude start muttering and has a very unfriendly look in his eyes, it has to be on between them.

Did you notice that when Lebron started hitting shots at the end of the first half it's like he never acknowledged there were four other players on the East? He was playing angrier than I've ever seen him before and is about unstoppable if he can focus the anger through his talents. Wade just didn't look like he cared at all or even looked a bit above the contest.


wade won the skills compeition last year too....and i do not think there was a ref in that one either...i have read your blog before, and would have hoped your basketball knowledge woul not be drug through the "refs won the finals for the heat" mud...

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Bing knows something about sporting success, having been a Hall of Fame guard for the Detroit Pistons from 1966-75. And he is enjoying seeing the restaurants, bars and hotels bustling during the city's hot streak.


Success really comes when it your time to shine, Perhaps with hard work and talent will do the most out off this when your in the NBA.

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