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February 04, 2007



Dude, awesome. Sorry about the Bears, yo.


I posted this in lieu of "going dark" after the loss. (Plus to refute any rumors of suicide watch.)

BTW - The turning point of the game was the Cedric Benson fumble. At that point the Bears got a key first down with a 14-6 lead. After that, the Colts settled down and dinked the Bears into submission.

John R.

I have a big problem with the add. The Original Six were not the superduper stars. And they actually wore the AF1. Kobe, LeBron and Pierce all have signature shoes, CP3 is team Jordan, and the Force line is for big men so why are Nash and Tony The Fake All-Star Parker even in the equation?

Give me the dudes who are actually wearing the shoe. Sheed can stay for his devotion to the 1. Al Harrington was rocking the 25 in patent black and gold. Give me Bosh. Give me the working man, not the superduper star.

The shoes are ok, but I feel like the commercial betrayed them.


I wanted to let everyone that Craig has at least 30 pairs of mens basketball shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there something oyu want to tell all of your buddies???


U know you want some more MJ...

Remember Air Jordan 20 years ago… He’s Vintage Already!

Word on the street is that Mitchell & Ness Nostalgia Co. and Nike have teamed up to recreate the jersey MJ wore in the 1987 Slam Dunk competition, commemorating the 20th anniversary of his first slam dunk title when he took off from the foul line and bested Dominique Wilkins.

The authentic vintage jersey is a ’87 Chicago Bulls road red with MJ’s #23 in black font. Apparently the jersey will be manufactured to the exact specification of the original and will include special labeling to reflect the order in which it was produced….only be 500 of these bad boys will be made.

According to CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell’s blog… “they come encased in a white handmade wooden collector's box with faux lizard skin interior. The jersey will be unveiled next week in Las Vegas -- the site of the NBA All-Star Game -- and will be sold in 23 selected outlets, including the NBA Store in New York City and various Niketown outlets.”

Wow, this is also the first time a non-Nike product will be feature in Niketown outlets.

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