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February 21, 2007


Kilgore Trout

I'm with you on this one. They are struggling...BAD. Smush needs to go. I like to think that this will be the lowest point the Lakers will fall this season, and it's all due to injuries. Once Luke and Kwame come back, they'll start rolling again.


no . i don't think la needs to replace smush . hollywood will always need a smush hit !

altho , his last attemt last night made phil aged by 5 years !


Oh that's so nice of them .. you know, to hold your money for you ... so they can earn a little interest from you and everyone else's money.

What a scam! Kind of like people WANTING to give the feds as much tax money as possible during the year so that they can get a big tax return.

Hey good luck with the Lakers, but at least they're going through this funk now and not during the run to the playoffs. The loss to Portland at home didn't help, though.


IF the Lakers do not make some sort of trade with VLAD slipping while walking in park city, Utah(or falling while snowboarding). The lakers need to do something while Kobe is in his prime and not waiting for Bynum to get to 21 years forget about his prime. The lakers need to win championships now not when kobe is on the down side of his career and bynum is the best big man in the game. Plus that may not happen either, Bynum may turn out to be Benoit Benjamin as well who knows????


To be fair, Smush was 7-14 for 18 points and 8 assists (with only 1 turnover) last night.

But yeah...he still sucks.


Heh, yeah, we just got our playoff ticket order form for the Mavs.

Somehow, I don't feel quite as bitter as you do.


"To be fair, Smush was 7-14 for 18 points and 8 assists (with only 1 turnover) last night."

16 of them were in the first half and at halftime I knew he wouldn't reach 24. It's hard to handle the ball offensively with both hands around your neck.

Also, I'd say that was a bad 18 points only because it made it more difficult for Phil to pull Smush for lack of defense. Portland shot 60%, and Smush was a big part of that.

John R.

You deserve what you get for being a Lakers fan.

The Clippers only require the normal deposit for the next year's season tickets then bill you later for the games that actually go down.

Live with the sheep get treated like sheep.


um . . . the lakers have/had no chance of winning a title with or without old, broke-dick j kidd.

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