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February 26, 2007



So what's this obsession you have with Wade? A bit unhealthy it seems


what ? that's the last anti wade post ? bummer . just when i'm beginning to warm up to the idea of hating d wade .
now , i'm back to reading bush bashing stuff from all those liberals !


The thing about this Wade injury...everyone should have seen it coming. And it's not like the fall was, in and of itself, *that* bad, just like Kirk Hinrich's "grabbing the wrist" episode wasn't that bad. But with all the mad drives to the hoop and getting dumped on his ass/head/chest/arms/legs/genitals...well, it takes a toll. You just can't play like that forever and not start to break down. Especially near the end of a long season.

Jordan found out the same thing, years ago. And he developed that post-up/turn-around jumper to save his body.


"But with all the mad drives to the hoop and getting dumped on his ass/head/chest/arms/legs/genitals...well, it takes a toll."

You fell for the Wade-flop-factor. For all of December I was watching the Miami Heat a lot more closely than I ever had and one thing I took away from the experience is that his mad drives was the urban anwser to the Ginobili flop. In fact I started calling him "The Black Ginobili" as a result. The drives were controlled and the falls were simple ploys to get calls, which worked in the Finals and much of this year.

The media bought into the hype gushing with, "he'll never last this long if he continues to play this way."

He plays with a lower center of gravity than many slashing players and throws himself on the floor off the drives. I also noticed that this season he's wearing a lot more padding to brace for the flops (he's wearing RB-like thigh pads)


ginobili flop? you're just mad because your precious little man-crush kobe is too dumb to sell a charge. you would pimp your mother to have ginobili on the lakers and you know it.


Kobe to dumb to sell a charge? Who wants to sell a charge anyway besides Vladi Divac or Ginobili... and pretty much every player on the Spurs team. They should start throwing out yellow cards for that flopping shit, so after a quarter or two Ginobili could see red and hit the door.

I would take Kobe on my team over any of those whiny Spur hacks any day of the week.


"The drives were controlled and the falls were simple ploys to get calls, which worked in the Finals and much of this year."

For the sake of argument, I'l agree with you and say that most (if not all) of his falls were done on purpose in an attempt to get calls. Even so, the guy still takes a hard fall 5 to 7 times per game. Take into account his speed, size and weight, and the fact that hardwood isn't exactly forgiving, and it was *still* an injury waiting to happen. And I think his wrist and shoulder injuries bear that out (since those are the two body parts that take the brunt of most falls).

Diving on the floor shortens players' careers. Look at Larry Bird. He *never* missed an opportunity to dive for a loose ball. He abused his body, and eventually it took a toll on his overall health. Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, on the other hand, only took a dive when it *really* mattered. And Jordan stopped taking it to the hoop with such reckless abandon as his career progressed. They saved their bodies for the most critical games. And they saved their health in the process.


"And Jordan stopped taking it to the hoop with such reckless abandon as his career progressed."

Good points all around. Wade needs to develop a consistent jumper to extend his career. Given his competative nature, it'll probably happen in the next 2 seasons. He just needs to make sure he never becomes a Vince Carter, mailing it in with fade away threes.

Who cares

Hey Brett Edwards, I never knew you and your faggot buddy Craig Kwasniewski hated D.Wade. Its not your fault that D. Wade has talent for drawing contact, but it is your fault that you belong to the Ku Klux Klan. You guys just cant stand to see a brother succeed. You guys are just a bunch of hypocrtic faggots under the caucasian skin and still upset upset that your Nazi boy Nowitzki did not win the championship last yaer.

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