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January 02, 2007


Nick The Nugg Doctor

I have never met him, but your inference about his personality is ringing right about true. I think he is a jerkwad too. For all the shit he has pulled as a Nugget with the media, fans, and his team.

Can you spell Karma?


he talked to everyone at the party? that must've taken him all night.


What do you want him to say? As a celebrity himself he's smart to not jump in a situation that's not his fault. HE knows that people already have a negative image of him so he's trying to steer clear of any more. I don't see where his comments make him seem any worse! He like us probably didn't even know the guy like that. Beleive me unlike us Kenyon knows a lot of people who have been shot in his life. Don't be mad if he isn't torn to shreads. Also what you don't know about K-mart is this he Donated $1,000 to Asian Tsunami relief efforts for every point he scored against San Antonio (26) on 1/8/05 and every rebound vs. Houston (10) on 1/9/05.
Took part in the Nuggets Read to Achieve Kickoff with Anchor Center for the Blind at the Denver Zoo in 2004.
Provided meals to the Denver Rescue Mission as part of a Turkey Tour last Thanksgiving.
Took part in the Nuggets “Art of Sport” program, which encourages participation in visual arts in elementary schools.
Also participated in the “Eat Right” campaign, which promotes healthy eating habits for middle school students.
Attended the NBA Players Relief Game in Houston on 9/11/05 benefiting victims of Hurricane Katrina and made an undisclosed donation.
Also helped relief efforts by donating funds to the Greg Buckner Foundation’s relief drive in Denver.
Spoke at an assembly at Montbello High School in September 2006 as part of the school’s “Pass on Violence” campaign


Come on, you are calling basing all you opinions of him on three paragraphs.

Kenyon has worked with Kids since early in his College career, he's a great guy, and helps people ALL the time, very loyal. NOTHING he said there sounds mean or what not. It's just facts.

He said it was unfortunate and sad... geez, did you want him to break down crying over someone who he didn't know?

lisa corrigan

Hey.... Lighten Up. It is a game. We all play to win. Congradulations to those who make it through and win!...
No More and No Less.

Jordan Fusion

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