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January 23, 2007



If anything, I'm sure it will be exiting for the people in Denver to watch these two stars play on the same team at the same time. I dont think anyone is expecting them to make any noise in the playoffs, I know I'm not anyway. But for right now it's pretty interesting to see if these two can co exist to pick up the wins.


Wait, you're saying that the Nuggets aren't better than the Suns or the Mavs? Wow, you really turned the world on its side with that proclamation. Why don't you step a little farther out on a limb and predict that a team from the West will win the finals this year. No, not ready for that yet? Okay, take your time, risky predictions are hard.

Of course it's hard to envision the Nuggets making it to the conference finals this year. But that isn't the point in Denver this season. The point is that we have Melo and AI, and now one of the most exciting teams in the league. Our team seems to be headed in a positive direction with more W's in the future than L's or injuries. Is our D stellar? No. Was Melo's tomahawk alley finish from a 4th quarter AI oop the play of the night? Yes. And that's the point. Excitement, promise, a future. A showtime style team with some solid bench contributors playing their part. Compared to our team last year, that everyone knew was going to self destruct and bow out in Round 1, this is a vast improvement.

The Nuggs will need a full year together to gel before they make any sort of lengthy post season run, and with our injury prone bigs, a full healthy season is a long shot. But for now, the team is dope, it has a sick offense, and I'm going to watch every game for the rest of the season because I don't want to miss a single game of AI and Melo lighting it up together.


i tell you what the nuggets are ahead of the suns , the mavs and the spurs .
with melo , ai , and kmart , the nuggets team is the no.1 in my all tatoo nba team . maybe the knicks with starbury and curry is a close 2nd !


I watched the first quarter, and the Nuggs were treating it like an all-star game ... behind the back and no look passes, alley-oops, etc. If I was Memphis I would have punched someone and gotten 'Melo suspended for another 15 games.


We felt our start last year put us in a rough spot all year long," coach Joel Quenneville told the Blackhawks' official website. "We know the value of where they are. Teams are ready for you coming off that type of season."They've been busy but they are still a dangerous team.

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