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January 24, 2007



Mind if I "counterpoint" your article over at my site?


Go ahead, but just to clarify, my point is more along the likes of the Suns are good, but let's not put them up there with the 1986 Celtics, 1988 Lakers and 1996 Bulls until they can prove that they can beat Dallas, San Antonio and the LA Lakers.

Granted, like I mentioned, the two losses to LA and SA don't cout because Diaw and Amare were different players back then. Still, given the Spurs track record against the Suns and the Lakers' ability to step up against quality opponents, I think both teams along with Dallas can hang with PHX.

Unless you're looking to defend Utah... then bring it on!


looking into the bubble of all the teams you had mentioned, I have to take issue with one more. Sure, the Lakers step it up a notch and pull out some impressive wins. Then, two nights later, the get manhandled by the Grizzlies. Yes, the ones from Memphis. Therefore, you can't single out only Utah and Phoenix on this one. I think the two teams with a proven track record of domination in the West are SA and Dallas. Unfortunately, SA is the most boring basketball of all time, and Dallas likes to be asphyxiated by their own hand. I think the hoopla over teams like PHX, Utah and the new look Lakers is that with all their flaws, they are more fun to watch.


I agree with your take on San Antonio, but Dallas too is very fun to watch. Especially since they're playing with a chip on their shoulder after watching Wade shoot 50 freethrows a game in the Finals.

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