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January 17, 2007



Here is my reaction on the trade. Both teams need help and trading for players who have under achieved do not help either team. THe best player in my eyes is Ike Diagu. He should be a double- double type of person in the league. My gut feeling is that the pacers will now have cap problems and still be a lottery team. he Warriors play in the WEST and have no hope for at least 3 or 4 years to make the playoffs since the West is do dominate.


huh? all i'm saying is stephen jackson in oaktown . . . somebody's gonna get shot. the warriors get a little better, but still not good enough in the west. the pacers get worse in the east, where they had a legit shot. not anymore.


the pacers will have time now to play ball and not be disctracted by all the b.s.
i think the 2 'white' ballers and diogu will be fit right in in indiana and rick carlisle's syatem .the crowd will slowly come back in hoosier town .
plus , i predict that dunleavy will have an all star year !


The year Dunleavy (AKA the white shadow) makes the all star team is the day I eat my hat. That is one of the most ridiculous yet funny things I have heard in a long time.


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