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December 17, 2006



is he really the Nike frontman now yikes are they in trouble

this is a guy that has rubbed me the wrong way ever since his time at Syracuse (too cocky for his own good-y'kno that prima donna 'tude). There is no disputing his offensive talent on the floor but you could see the trail of baggage he carries just by his entourage

he might buy his way into good favor every once in a while but i am positive that given the choice this guy would choose the dark side fo the force


and away we go (step one)
more proof that money can buy peace/piece of mind


wow, melo hater much?? I'm so over the constant bashing! REALLY! Carmelo is a young star athlete. When did being young, rich, and giving back to the community become such a bad thing?? where is the article about Nate Robinson being a sore looser? Oh thats right, it's okay to instigate fighting...I forgot!


no problem . nike will just come up with someting for 'melo like ..
1, we (don't wanna)WITNESS !
2. instead of the jumpman , maybe a running man ... but running backwards .

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