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December 06, 2006



wrong strategy by the clippers . all elton has to do is go to china. then while in there , conduct clinics , play exhibitions , promote his shoes , ( if he has ) and do all other things the chinese youth will not forget . even eat dogs and wear a mao suit and walah , eb will be a sure vote getter .
ask vince , tracy etc . who all went there !


.... the chinese all star voters are gigantic in numbers .


why do you think yao is always no 1 ?


Nike, I was just saying that to Brett. The Clippers should re-sign Wang Zhi Zhi, make him a starter for a few weeks and say he's EB's best friend. The Clips will have two All-Stars in no time!


Of course Yao is going to get tons and tons of votes. And I don't think Brand is incredibly popular around the league. He's not a flashy, high-profile player like Lebron. He just works hard and gets the job done.

David Stef

The problem is he plays in the West. Amare, Duncan, KG, Boozer.... if he was in the East he would be an All-Star in no time.


Brand is not popular in the US . That's why to do it in China as Nike said makes sense .

I don't buy that Brand will make it to the AS if he is playing in the East . He played for the Bulls before and he never made it to the AS then .
The East has its share of more appealing stars too !


I also note that Yao is not flashy '
Yao's novelty has wane and therefore not as popular as b4 to the US NBA lovers .
In fact , a lot of peeps are beginning to question whether Yao can fully utilize his height and skills to lift Houston to the elite team status .

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