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November 16, 2006



actually , golden state now is an exciting team with a slimmer davis running the play .
if only spree will come out of retirement and ...


ABSOLUTELY true about the Bulls' offense, Buddy Ryan should punch Skiles in the face.

As for the PS3, not for me. Too expensive and even though the graphics are awesome, the other available games don't interest me.

I'm an old school Nintendo geek, so the plan is as follows:

- Buy the Wii
- Play the new Zelda for approximately 18 days, the required amount of time to solve the game.
- SELL IT and get it the hell out of my house, because if I don't I will look like the South Park characters when they were playing World of Warcraft.


Haha, that South Park episode was the shit. As were the ones about Cartman waiting for the Wii to come out. Just don't freeze yourself.


holy crap. I'm going to be laughing about the fact that the theoretical kid in your shitty parent line is named "Skyler" all day. That is perfect. He might need a sister named "Divinity".

Ed Hardy

I don't know how to receive my responce. Waiting for your reply, tks!

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