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November 17, 2006



almost lost the game again after leading by a wide margin . i pity van gundy . he'll be totally hairless before the season is over !


I like how the only metal song you know is "2 Minutes To Midnight."

Shout at the devil is funnier and (presumably) more obvious.


Sorry Mr. Metal!

Maiden's been in my office playlist for the past few weeks, but you're right about Shout. What about Running with the Devil?

basketball drills

Van Gundy never looked so good!


Mr. Metal says:

Running with the devil is not a metal song. More classic rock than anything else.

A REALLY appropriate song (based on the team's location) would be "Blind In Texas" by W.A.S.P. Definitely metal.


what is metal?
i don't know. are you saying because van halen is more of a classic rock band, does that mean they can't have a metal song? i think "runnin' with the devil" is skirting the edge.
the weird thing is: this is probably the most interesting debate this blog has ever had. the great basketball/metal debate of '06 we will, undoubtedly come to call it.
there is a good metal song for every "issue" in the nba. pantera's "walk" for the increase in traveling calls. dio's "holy diver" for more attention being brought to flopping. motley crue's "public enemy #1" for bruce bowen.
i could , seriously, do this all day if i don't stop myself.
ps-i know this isn't metal but aerosmith's "dude looks like a lady" for mike miller. i mean, c'mon, that's funny.


Great stuff Dave!

How about "No More Tears" for any bitching. (Gotta mix in Ozzie somewhere) What about "Crazy Train" for Gilbert, Artest or Stephen Jackson.


BTW - Thanks, now I have "Holy Diver" in my head all day


Bonus points to Dave for going to Pantera and early Crue references, two of my all-time favorites.

And Craig! It's OZZY with a "Y"
*shakes head, sighs*

One final attempt:
Poison's "Talk Dirty To Me" for our boy Zach Randolph...did you READ that complaint? YIKES.


Somehow I'm a loser because I'm not the "Metal Maven."

Screw y'all, I'm going back to my New Edition cassettes!


hey craig-

"cool it now"

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